DIY Healthy Chocolate Treats

rawchoc_01Sure, chocolate in moderation is fine, but we much prefer to nourish our beautiful body with the good stuff and keeping things au naturale. So, if some of you are shaking in your boots at the thought of never being able to add chocolate to your daily diet, never fear… we have conjured up a super healthy DIY chocolate treat that will fill the void just fine!

rawchoc_02Ok this is what you will need for the chocolate…3 ingredients. Yep, that’s it! You can find all these ingredients at your local health food store – so hop to it (pun intended).

rawchoc_03Grab your mould for the chocolate. We found this super cute mould at our local Aldi store. Using your paint brush, brush a layer of chocolate into the mould, and then pop it into the fridge to set while you make the filling (this was our favourite part).

rawchoc_04Did someone say bounty & cherry ripe? Why yes, yes we did. And we don’t mean the ‘bad’ kind. This is 100% legitimate healthy goodness. If you’re thinking… “That’s too good to be true”, well we would have to agree with you. But the proof is in the pudding (or the filling we should say), we loved this spread way more than the naughty variety. WARNING: Try not to eat straight out of the jar, otherwise you won’t have any left for Easter.

rawchoc_05Fill each individual mould with ½ tsp. of your chosen filling and press into mould. Now brush your remaining chocolate over the top and pop in the fridge to set. Now the hardest part is waiting for them!






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