Bec’s Clean Eating Diary: Day 1


Day One:

GOAL: “Eating Simplistically” becsfooddiary_02

So, I am embarking on the Lorna Jane 7-day clean eating challenge and I couldn’t be more excited! Although I already eat pretty clean, this challenge will give me the opportunity to really focus in on it, and get crafty & creative with my meals. I will be documenting my weekly progress daily, and am more than happy to share my nourishing knowledge with all of you sporty sisters!

I have a super vibrant and vivacious personality, which tends to affect the oddest areas of my life. For example, while cooking something as simple as chicken breast, I end up not adding just one or two herbs…. but every herb or condiment in sight. The end result? A crazy concoction of a dish, and a cyclone mess of a kitchen.

So, today I finally vowed to myself that I would make the decision to simplify my eating regime and keep things clean and simple. Not necessarily a massive diet change, but taking a more strategic approach to cooking. So, it’s all about non-chaotic cooking, little to no sugar, gluten or wheat. I am excited!

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How was your first day eating clean? What are your goals? 




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