5 Healthy Lunch Recipes & Tips!

heathylunchv2_01Read this…and you will have lunch in the bag!

We all have those days when we are so hectic being amazing wives, gym junkies, students or mothers that we leave less time to build a glorious lunch – remember you have to nourish to stay amazing!

A healthy lunch is more than just a tin of tuna and crackers, bo-ring! It can take just minutes to throw a clean/whole foods inspired lunch together – make your nourishment a priority and get prepared! That is why I want to share some healthy lunch recipes to get you inspired.

heathylunchv2_02Let’s face it; you need to eat healthy to be healthy. When you consume foods that are oozing goodness and nutrition, you too will radiate the benefits of what you eat. Try to always incorporate green foods into your lunch, whether it is salad, herbs or fruit and veggies. Green is bursting with vitamin c (great for your skin), chlorophyll (a bacteria and cancer fighting jewel!) and fibre (love for your guts). Always try to work in some colour – it’s a powerhouse! The more colourful the better! Colourful fruits and veggies are considered the ‘ACE’ foods that include many of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need…except for vitamin D…a healthy dose is ten minutes under the midday rays daily.

Protein and complete grains are also your best friends when you are on the go. Not only will they both fill you up for hours but they will give you the slow release energy you need to concentrate through the day. Nuts such as walnuts and almonds, eggs, chicken, brown rice and quinoa are easy throw together whole food staples.

Try to include 30 different foods into your weekly lunches. Hang on! This may sound like a big number, but once you start counting all your little ingredients you will soon realise how easy that gap is to fill. Think about when you throw a salad together: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, pumpkin seeds, avocado… that’s already 6 and we’re just getting started. Mix it up everyday and you’ll be hitting the 30 different foods goal in no time!

Your homemade lunch will be delicious, nutritious and tailored to your taste with only the ingredients you like. It will save you money, satiate you for longer and it will be much better for your health when you pack it yourself.


What are some of your healthy lunch essentials?
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