Sweet Seasonal Snacking




Are you finding yourself completely surrounded by sweet treats and tantalising temptations? Whether it’s in the office or in the supermarket, there’s definitely an overwhelming amount of candy canes, chocolate and cake and it’s impossible to escape it! The festive season often leads us to indulgence and over-eating and we often feel the need to treat ourselves. Well, we might like to be healthy here at Lorna Jane but we sure don’t like to miss out! So, we’ve created a duo of sweet treats to keep your cravings under control while still feeling the sheer indulgence of the festive season. Welcome our Chocolate Watermelon Trees and Stuffed Fruit!





Watermelon Trees


Here’s what you’ll need:

1/4 watermelon, sliced 2 cm thick

100grams 80% cacao dark chocolate, melted

12 raspberries

Fresh mint leaves garnish


Here’s what to do:

Cut watermelon into 6 cm squares. Cut 2 joined triangles. Saving a discarded triangle piece for top. Thread onto kebabs. Top with raspberry. Drizzle in chocolate. Garnish with mint.





Stuffed Fruit


Here’s what you’ll need for these Cranberry, macadamia and lime fruit canapés


Makes 16


1 cup macadamias, roasted

1/4 cup cranberries

1/4 cup coconut  

Zest of a lime

Pinch salt


Here’s what to do:

In a food processor combine all ingredients. Fill half cut apricots, plums and strawberries.

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