Mood Foods List: The Natural Way To Brighten Your Day + A Recipe


Nowadays, there is so much emphasis surrounding eating food for weight loss.

What to eat when?
What is the correct quantity?
No sugar!
Protein, protein, protein!!

See, even typing it can get a little exhausting. And whilst the above points are valid and extremely important when it comes to zoning in on getting results, there is one question that seems to be missing.

What about eating food to boost your mood, brighten your spirits and give you a ton of energy to kick ass in bootcamp, beat your personal best in the swimming lane or hold that yoga pose longer than ever before?

Food has the power to do just that. It fuels your body, and provides you with a bucket load of energy in exchange. So, if you’re feeling like you need to turn your frown upside down, we have created a mood foods list to open your eyes to some exciting every day foods that can get you from grumps…to grinning, in no time!

moodfoodstableOther tips include eating breakfast, drinking plenty of water and avoiding foods containing highly processed sugars and trans fats.

If you want to spread some happiness and brighten someones day, why not work your way into the kitchen and conjure up this (absolutely delicious, best treat ever) brownie recipe. If this doesn’t boost your mood than we don’t know what will.


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