Need a Kick Start?


Feeling a bit ‘bleurgh’?  Not your usual, vibrant self? 


The same old foods each day, week in, week out… Sugar cravings? Counting down until your next coffee? Your body might just need a quick kick start back into shape!


That’s why we created our 3-day kick start cleanse. Something you can start at anytime to help get your body back into balance. 


Through regular, nourishing meals, in just 3 days you can; support your digestion, metabolism, adrenals, mind and energy. All this through giving your body optimal nutrients to help your body to heal and repair.


Now is the perfect time to give your body a boost before we head into the silly season!



Support Your Adrenals

The foods in our cleanse are specifically chosen to support your adrenals (the wonderful glands that make our stress hormones). They balance blood sugar metabolism with supportive nutrients such as vitamin C, iodine and selenium (seaweed, dulse and brazil nuts) necessary for thyroid support and metabolic regulation.

Take these 3 days to breakthrough addictions to caffeine, sugar, fried food and chocolate by giving your adrenals support to function without stimulants.


Boost Your Energy

While you’re detoxing you’re stopping the influx of the things that made you want to do a cleanse in the first place. Our livers work tirelessly to filter through everything, but by cutting out the sugar, caffeine and junk foods and replacing them with fresh, nourishing, wholesome foods aimed at giving you a nutritional boost, you’ll be getting natural energy, that doesn’t come with the typical sugar crash. 

It’s also very important to stay hydrated while on any cleanse to continue flushing out your system.


Clear Your Head

With wastes being eliminated and nutrition dense foods being consumed, the body and mind has everything it needs to function at its best.


Time To Glow

Including an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, fibre and tonics will improve your skin tone and your inner glow by eliminating and flushing out toxins, giving skin-healing nutrients where it’s needed such as vitamin A, zinc and essential fatty acids.


Embrace Healthy Changes

Meal programs and dietary changes are a sure-fire ways to put a wedge between your old ways and your new ones. If you have addictions to sugar, caffeine or junk foods you can use a cleanse to help you kick those habits.

Often, when we cut these things out cold turkey it can cause us to go back to our old ways. We don’t believe in restriction, we are about healthy adaptation!

By replacing the bad foods with delicious healthy ones you can retrain your brain to be satisfied on whole, healthy foods (that still taste good) and stick to some great new habits.



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