Ice-Cream 2 ways

No matter the question, ice-cream is ALWAYS the answer. A bowl of the sweet stuff will cure just about anything you’re nursing from work stress and family drama right though to PMS and heavy heart break. But just when you thought your dessert game was strong, we’re swooping in with 2-recipes that will change the game completely (in a good way of course). Thanks to our fabulous friends at Luz Almond, dessert needn’t be something you have to feel guilty about. We got a bit crafty in the kitchen and spent a day formulating three lip-smacking desserts that will blow your mind (hard day in the office… right?). 

So here you have it… Luz Almond ice-cream, 2 ways! 


The humble banana split is just about as old school as a dessert comes, but we’re bringing it back in a big and nourishing way. Topped with granola and fresh berries, you could totally get away with this for a weekend breakfast. 


1 banana, cut in half

2 scoops of Luz almond burnt toffee + macadamia ice cream

3 strawberries

Small handful of blueberries

1 tbs granola


  1. Wash and cut your strawberries in half
  2. Cut you banana in half and place on your plate
  3. Scoop on your ice cream, then garnish with your berries, and granola
  4. EAT!


Forget acai bowls, because these mini strawberry and acai popsicles are where it’s at! At the most precious little size, these bite sized popsicles make the perfect dessert or mid afternoon snack. 


4 tbs (heaped) Luz almond strawberry + acai ice cream

¼ cup almond milk

Granola – We used The Unrefined Granola

6 strawberries, diced

Paddle pop sticks

4 Piccolo cups


  1. Blend or thoroughly mix the Luz ice cream & almond milk together until it is at a smooth consistency
  2. Pour into each piccolo cup, and drop in the diced strawberries.
  3. Place in freezer to set. After they have been setting for 1 hour, pop in the paddle pop sticks, and leave them set until they are solid.
  4. Once set, remove from the mold, dip in granola and eat!

For more about Luz Almond, visit their website, Facebook or instagram


What’s your go-to healthy dessert? 

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