Hydrate – The Fun & Healthy Way

hydrate847px_01 Feeling a little rusty after your New Years Eve celebrations? Well one way to get you feeling your healthy and happy self is to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid the dreaded H word is by not drinking altogether. However, in light of this special occasion, the best way to cure a hangover is by replenishing our body with lots of fluids that we have lost. Water is the obvious avenue but it can just be so BO-RING. If you want to avoid those sugary vitamin water drinks, but still want a bit of flavour to your H20, why not try a few of these helpful ideas! hydrate847px_02


To add a little flavour to your water, put some of your favourite fruit/herbs in an ice mould to freeze overnight. This is so simple and easy to do. Simply pick your flavour of choice (we chose strawberries, lemon, blueberries and mint), and place them in the mould with water. The end result? Natural flavouring! Plus they look super cute too. hydrate847px_03


A great way to create a nourishing beverage is to add in some punchy ingredients to not only add flavour, but to give us some natural goodness. One sure fire way to reap health benefits is by adding lemon to our water. Lemon is a natural flu fighter, and metabolism mover, so is the perfect drink to have first thing in the morning. Add a little honey and ice into the mix, and you will have yourself a sweet summer drink. Perfect if you have the case of the sniffles. hydrate847px_04


Forget your energy and sport drinks, Coconut water is nature’s natural hydrator. Coconut water is an excellent, super hydrating alternative to water because it’s rich in electrolytes. It has a slightly sweet flavour to combat sugar cravings, and is especially rich in potassium and sodium, which your body requires to replenish itself. So as you can see, coconut water is pretty awesome!!