How to burn off your favourite Easter treats



It all starts with one innocent little hot cross bun (or so you thought at first warm buttery bite) … and next thing you know, you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and devoured the family pack of Cadbury Crème Eggs (don’t even get me started on the mini eggs) that have been tempting you with their sweet, sugary siren call on every well-intended trip you’ve taken to the grocery store since boxing day. SOS.


While we’re all for balance and are the first ones to advocate the importance of treating yo’self (it’s the only way to stay sane after all), we thought we’d arm you with some knowledge to help you make the best possible choices over the long weekend… knowledge is power after all!


Here’s a guide for how to burn off your favourite Easter treats… 


Cadbury Crème Egg = 19 minutes of skipping

Cadbury Crunchie Bunny = 65 minutes of burpees

Lindt Gold Bunny = 45 minutes of walking

Malteaser Bunny = 15 minutes of hill sprints

Cadbury Dream Egg = 1 hour of HIIT training  

Hot cross bun: = 20 minutes of boxing

Ferrero Roche Deluxe Egg: = 60 minutes of burpees

Cadbury mini egg = 1 minute of speed running per egg