Halloween Scary Facts


Halloween is the perfect time to share some scary facts, and what is more terrifying than breaking down the nutritional content of some of your favourite ‘health’ foods?


Easy, telling you how long it might take to burn them off <screaming in terror>. 


Brace yourself for a scare… 



Sugar Rush


Most acai bowls have 50g of sugar in them, this is equivalent to 12 teaspoons of sugar. Double the recommended daily intake of sugar for women!


An acai bowl recipe we found included; coconut water, acai packs and mango. 


So, let’s do a quick sugar calculation…  

80ml coconut water = 2g, 1 mango = 14g & 2 packets of acai energy = 13×2, 26g. That’s 42g of sugar all up! (We haven’t even added the granola.)


For the average Australian woman to burn off an acai bowl it would take her 40 minutes of running, 45 minutes of swimming, or 40 minutes of bike riding.




Muesli bars are an easy snack to keep on hand to hold off the 3:30pm hunger pangs or if you are on the move, but make sure that you check the sugar content. 


Pulling out a range of popular muesli bars that we had in our bags (and desk drawers) we found sugar contents ranging from 5.8g to 11g of sugar per serve, across a number of brands.

It is a good guide to aim to eat bars with 4g or less of sugar in each serving. 


To work off your muesli bar you will be looking at approximately 32 minutes of golf, 18 minutes of circuit training or 29 minutes of walking.





Did you know that some commercial hummus brands can carry more than double the fat content than homemade versions – yikes! 


Homemade Hummus = 177 calories per 100g, 8.6g fat.


Commercial Hummus = 323 calories per 100g tub, 27.9grams fat.



Not only can you add your own spin and customise your hummus to suit your specific taste, but by making your own you know exactly what is going in to your delicious dip. No hidden surprises – winning!



Calorie Quiz


We are not ones for counting calories here at MNB because, as we all know, not all calories are created equal.


However, it is good to have an awareness of the calories in pre-packaged foods so that you can make educated decisions based on their nutritional value. Also, some might surprise you … 


Did you know that some Clif Bars have more calories than Mars bars?!  

259 calories vs 243 calories


Clif Bars were designed to be energy snacks for hiking and other physically taxing activities.

That being the case, the nutrient profile boasts carbohydrates and good fats for sustained energy release.

Which adds up, because to burn off a Clif Bar (or Mars Bar for that matter) you are looking at 1 hour of hiking or 30-45 minutes of weight training.




The age old dilemma… Ice Cream vs Gelato vs Frozen Yoghurt vs Flavoured Yoghurt


Ice Cream = Vanilla 100g (approx. 1 scoop). 229 calories, 14.1g fat, 9.5g sat fat, 21.4g carbs, 19g sugar.


Gelato =  Hazelnut 100g. 169 calories, 6.9g fat, 2.2g sat fat, 21.9g carbs, 21.2g sugar.


Frozen Yoghurt = Frozen Banana 100g. 171 calories, 4.2g total fat, 2.6g sat fat, 27.7g carbs, 25.1g sugars.


 Flavoured Yoghurt =  Vanilla Flavoured Yoghurt 100g. 93 calories, 1.7g total fat, 1.2g sat fat, 15.1g carbs, 11.4g sugars.


Frozen Yoghurt has the same calories as Gelato and more sugar in it than Ice Cream!


Gelato is my pick for a delicious summer treat! smile



Happy Halloween!