Flower Meanings Decoded: The Secrets of Your Favourite Bloom

flowers101_bannerLet’s be honest, flowers make everything better. There is nothing quite like coming home from a long day at work only to be greeted by a fresh, vibrant floral arrangement… even better if it’s a surprise! Besides their ridiculously good looks and sultry scent, have you ever pondered the meanings behind your favourite flowers?

Since it’s Mother’s Day and buying blooms is just a given, we did a little digging into flower meanings. Here’s our guide on the true ‘why’ behind your favourite flower and why they make us feel so good!



FYI: The chrysanthemum comes in many different colours and is usually a really easy one to pick up any time of the year. These are beautiful for the home and generally have quite a long lifespan (so if you’re prone to killing plants quicker than you can swipe your paywave at Bunnings, then the good ol’ trusty ‘mum’ is a good floral pick).

Meaning: These guys have a history tracking back to 15th century B.C. Seen as a symbol of the sun, Confucius once suggested these blooms be used as an object of meditation. It’s also said that a single petal placed at the bottom of your wine glass will encourage a long and healthy life.

Perfect For: These blooms are cute, simple and make the perfect edition to your kitchen or bedroom  space. They are also the ideal pick to brighten someone’s day who has been a little down and out.


FYI: These babies are making a comeback! Once stuck in a Saturday Night Fever back in the 80’s, Carnations are on the rise, and are fast becoming a popular decorative choice for the home.

Meaning: In general, carnations symbolise love, fascination and distinction. In white, they represent pure love and good luck. Pink carnations carry the most significance as a symbol of unconditional love, often used to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Perfect for: For a friend who is going for a new job, or someone in your life that is need of a little encouragement.


FYI: Available in all range of different colours, this quirky flower is the perfect addition to any home. Originally a wild flower in Spain and Italy, they can be a little tricky to hunt down but are worth the find!

Meaning: They represent graciousness and legend has it, those in possession of a snapdragon appear more fascinating to others!

Perfect for: A thank you gift or to bring along to a dinner party for the host. But, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to appear more fascinating?


FYI: This is an easy one! These blooms bring sunshine into any room and every heart. Their bright yellow petals make it impossible not to feel bright and happy.

Meaning: Not only do their symbolise sunshine and happiness, they also represent pride and loyalty.

Perfect for: A graduation gift, or when someone’s day needs a little brightening.


FYI: We all love roses, but sometimes a red rose just doesn’t seem to be the right fit (unless you are professing your undying love). Yellow roses are easy to acquire and make for a quirky addition, for any occasion. 

Meaning: Mainly, yellow roses symbolise friendship, happiness and delight. They are also said to represent the promise of a new beginning.

Perfect for: Someone who is starting on a new journey in their life, or as a simple gesture to give to a friend – just because you’re feeling all warm n’ fuzzy.

So there you have it – choosing a bouquet of flowers has just taken on a whole new meaning! The next time you surprise a friend with a fresh bunch of blooms, write the hidden flower meaning on a card for a sweet and meaningful gift she’ll always remember.