HOW-TO Make Almond Milk


Sometimes we need to break out from our routines, and shake things up a little. Whether this is a big or small tweak in our schedules, it may just be the change you need to get a little healthier.

So, this week try and swap your store-bought almond milk for the home-made variety. Store-bought almond milk can often contain hidden nasties such as preservatives, vegetable oils and sugar, while it can be very quickly and easily made at home without the use of such ingredients!  Not only is it easy to do, but tastes divine and, most importantly, is extremely nourishing!

You can try it with your smoothies, morning muesli or to soak your overnight oats.

Feeling inspired and want to make your own?  We have put together a how-to video to show you how it’s done!

Hot tip: Don’t throw out that leftover pulp! You can use it in baking, to make delicious raw treats, or even as a gentle facial exfoliant!

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