5 Fast Ways to Gut Health

Managing and maintaining your gut health is super important as your gut impacts so many other parts of your body, some may surprise you!


Often referred to as your second brain, your gut is filled with nerve endings that send messages up to your brain and keep it informed on what’s going on inside your body and what needs to be done to keep it on track and ship shape.


Ever feel grumpy or have a cloudy mind? This could all be down to your gut reacting to whatever it’s trying to digest. Think back to what you’ve eaten recently, and you might see the connection and a few trends occurring…


As well as upset stomachs, bad breath, low immunity and skin breakouts… lack of energy, anxiety and moodiness are all hallmarks of your gut having a tough time.


There’s more to it than taking probiotic supplements, so here are 5 fast ways to help support your gut health.



Yes, we hereby give you permission to add some extra z’s into your routine, especially if your gut is needing some TLC. Make sure that you’re getting restful sleep to enable your parasympathetic nervous system to get to work and keep your essential functions working effectively. 

Good sleep patterns also help reduce stress and anxiety which can lead to emotional eating, poor digestion and your sympathetic nervous system kicking into overdrive.

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Eat Fermented, Pre and Pro Biotic & Brassica Veggies.

Fermented, pre and pro biotic foods help feed all of the good bacteria in your belly that work to manage your digestion and foster a happy healthy gut environment. Find tasty ways to integrate them into your usual diet, like a tablespoon of sauerkraut or kimchi with your nourish bowls.

Increase your intake of fibrous fruits and veggies and brassica vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower) which are shown to improve good gut health. 

It also helps to reduce the amount of processed foods, soft drinks and alcohol you consume. Add them to the ‘sometimes’ category rather than the ‘every day’.


The universal solution to wellness! Drink plenty of fresh water every day. No excuses!!


Get moving!

Moving gets blood pumping and circulating through your organs and digestive system to help get it moving too.


Chill out.

When you’re stressed out your body goes into fight or flight mode pumping out stress chemicals and reducing blood flow to your ‘in essential’ functions during times of stress eg your digestive system. Invest time into your mental and emotional wellbeing and stress management practices that work for you. We love yoga, meditation and quality time with our pooches.



Boom! 5 simple ways to help support that lovely gut of yours! xx


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