5 Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric, there is so much more to this spice than just an Indian curry. From detox to depression, turmeric is fast becoming a health staple. With more and more research and scientific studies showing positive results in its effectiveness in treating (and potentially assisting in preventing) a number of health issues and diseases, it’s certainly worth considering adding turmeric into your diet. 


We spoke with Zen Green Matcha Tea, to learn more about some of the benefits of turmeric.


Turmeric is a plant that grows in tropical environments and is indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Historically, it has been an important part of Ayurvedic medicine and is often known as ‘the golden spice’ due to its bright yellow hue.

Now being used in modern health foods as a delicious tea or addition in food, turmeric is a great way to brighten up your diet and boost your health in the process.


5 Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric:


Turmeric Helps detox the body

Turmeric’s main active ingredient curcumin, delivers a power shot of antioxidants, providing anti-inflammatory effects for the brain and body.

However, as an extra bonus it also stimulates our bodies’ own antioxidant enzymes helping to remove all those nasty free radicals and toxins.

And, if you mix it with matcha green tea powder (learn more about matcha here), their antioxidants work together to better protect you against cancer.


Turmeric can boost your mood

Turmeric has also been shown in studies to have a positive effect on dopamine and serotonin levels. Research is also mounting in its effectiveness as a treatment for depression.

A study of 60 people with depression showed that turmeric was equally as effective as those taking the antidepressant Prozac. So if you want to boost your serotonin levels and increase your memory and concentration skills, top up on turmeric!


Turmeric fights Inflammation

Inflammation is a main culprit in many diseases. With powerful anti-inflammatory properties, studies have found that curcumin can be more effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis than some prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. 


Turmeric MAY protect you from Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is becoming more of an issue in our society. Alzheimer’s is known to be caused by a build-up of protein tangles, inflammation and toxin damage to brain cells. As turmeric helps reduce inflammation, there are studies showing that it has beneficial effects on some Alzheimer’s patients and further study has been recommended. 


Turmeric can reduce the risk of heart disease

Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, is heart healthy! It reduces the buildup of plaque on your arterial walls which increases their function and keeps your heart pumping, lowering the risk of blood clotting and heart disease.

Curcumin is also known to reduce ‘bad cholesterol’ by enhancing your bodies ability to detect bad cholesterol and increasing LDL production (‘good cholesterol’).


Here are some MORE amazing benefits of turmeric and here are 3 simple recipes to try!



It is important to use high quality turmeric grown from the Alleppey region in India as this produces the highest level of curcumin and gives the strongest dose for all those lovely health benefits!

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*Please always follow dosage guidelines and consult your healthcare professional regarding treatments for illness and/or disease.