Our 3 day cleanse is here!


If you’re anything like us, you would have dabbled in a little indulgence over the silly season (and we hope you enjoyed every single minute of it – we sure did). From Christmas parties and New Years Eve celebrations right through to family get togethers, the holidays are packed to the rafters with tasty treats and cheeky cocktails, so if you’re feeling a little low on energy and need something that will help you get back on track, we’ve got just the thing… a 3-day cleanse! 

We combined the powers of our fabulous foodie duo (our in-house nutritionist and whole foods active chef) to help us devise a quick and easy 3-day cleanse.  

But forget EVERYTHING you know about cleanse programs… Because our 3 day cleanse will help you get that “I can do anything” feeling without leaving you feel tired or hungry – yes we’ve got delicious, pure whole foods in every recipe, no deprivation here friends! Lorna-Jane-3day-Cleanse2

The best part about our cleanse is that it’s not a lengthy detox program either. It’s 3 easy days of nutrient rich foods that will flood your body with all the nutrition it needs to feel its most fabulous. What’s more? You can buy all the ingredients from your local grocery store and the recipes are a cinch to whip together. With a little preparation and persistence, it really is the perfect way to start your very best (and most delicious) New Year ever.

So if you’re feeling like a gentle re-start, go on… Lorna-Jane-3day-Cleanse6


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