These 10 Foods Could Change Your Life

BANNER_OPT1It’s true what they say.. you are what you repeatedly do! The words you speak, the thoughts you think and the food you eat are defining who you are! Nature is a powerful tool to keep us healthy and happy and we have 10 foods that are a sure-fire way to make you happy from the inside out and blooming bright!


Containing enormous amounts of vitamin C, oranges help ward off sickness and aid iron absorption to keep energy levels up and muscle strength supported!


The perfect snack for a substantial energy boost, bananas are a great source of vitamin B6, which helps produce the brain’s feel good chemical, Serotonin.


A great source of calcium for bone health, tahini is also known to reduce the symptoms of PMS as well as lower the risk of depression. Talk about a reason to smile.


Chock full of antioxidants, berries help to protect the body from disease and fights the effect of ageing by neutralising the build up of nasty free radicals!


Green Tea

Containing less caffeine than coffee, not only is sipping on green tea a natural way to wake up your body but it’s also a sure-fire way to keep your brain running at its best thanks to its high levels of theanine.


Improve nutrient absorption with pineapple’s naturally occurring digestive enzyme bromelian! This sweet and juicy fruit also supports energy production thanks to its high levels of Vitamin B1.


Absolutely bursting with B vitamins, eggs are perfect for stimulating some serious energy production! Furthermore,IN_POST_2 they contain a little bit of every nutrient our body needs for optimal function.


Help regulate emotion and mood with beautiful broccoli! An excellent powerhouse of nutrients, this wonder food contains calcium and vitamin K which are important for bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis.

Pumpkin Seeds

Working to accelerate the renewal of skin cells, eating pumpkin seeds is a sure-fire way to keep hair, skin and nails super strong and healthy. Their high levels of zinc also ensure you get a restful night sleep.


We’re happy when we’re full! And almonds are packed with loads of protein and healthy fat to keep us satisfied for longer! Packed with vitamin E, this powerful antioxidant helps prevent the effects of ageing.