Your Most Epic Workout Playlist

MNB-Playlist2A great playlist can often be that one thing missing in your otherwise obsessively organised week. Activewear laid out – tick. Meal prep – done. Workouts scheduled and penned in – all over it! Playlist? “Uhhhhhh”… Exactly! The truth is, when it comes to preparation, a playlist is a pretty crucial component a lot of us tend to overlook, but it can end up making a HUGE difference in the grand scheme of things. There’s no denying that music can make or break a workout (we love you Sam Smith, but not when we’re running) and a good set of pumping tunes can be the difference in the extra kilometre you run or the extra set of reps you smash out. 

Don’t worry bae, we got you… we’ve curated THE most epic workout playlist to get you in the mood to get up ‘n’ MOVE (and groove too). 

Want us to create more playlists? Suggest your tunes of choice in the comment section below and we will curate a freshy next month.