Simple Morning Yoga Flow to Kick Start Your Day


Simplicity is the way to go in pretty much most aspects of life, and my approach to yoga is no different. Sure, it’s great fun to get super creative with our flows and to try new things, but sometimes we just need to come back to basics, to come “home” to ourselves and reconnect with the beauty of simplicity.


Yoga is not only a great way to unwind at the end of the day, but it’s a brilliant way to kick it off, leaving you feeling grounded, revitalised and ready for everything.


Here’s an energising simple yoga flow that’s perfect to start your day:



Start in a wide knee Childs Pose

Relax your whole body, allow yourself to gradually awaken, begin to bring your awareness onto your breath, drop into your body leaving whatever night you had behind you and not allowing yourself to think about the day ahead. Come to connect with your breath and body.


Cat & Cow

Begin on all fours with palms directly below shoulders and knees directly below hips.

As you exhale round your spine, tuck your tummy, relax head and neck and inhale to lift your tailbone, chest and head.

Continue to flow rounding and arching your back, using the breath to guide the pace of your movement.


Downward Facing Dog

From all fours bring your palms slightly in front of your shoulders then lift up and press the weight of your body into your heels.

You can keep a gentle bend in your knees and peddle out your feet to stretch through your legs.


Lunge/Pyramid Flow

From Downward Facing Dog, step your right foot in-between your palms, come up on your finger tips and as you inhale lift your chest and head gaze forward.

As you exhale straighten both legs as much as you can, relax torso and continue to flow using your breath to guide the pace of your movements.

Complete as many rounds as you like until you start to feel open (around 5 – 10).

Repeat on left side.


Yogi Squat

Step feet outside of palms, keeping fingertips on the ground and bend your knees and wiggle down into a squat, working towards keeping your heels on the ground but if too difficult you can be on your toes.

Let your buttocks sink towards the floor and lengthen your torso, bring your palms into prayer, press elbows into knees deepening your squat.

Close your eyes and stay for 3-6 breaths.

Bring your palms behind you and lower buttocks to the floor to release slowly.



Lying on your back with feet hip width apart and parallel, reach your fingers tips towards your heels and make sure you can just barely touch your heels (that way we know the heels are directly below knees).

Then bring palms alongside your body and take a deep inhale breathe to lift your whole body up, shifting the weight of your body into your shoulders.

You may tuck your shoulder blades under and interlace your palms to open your chest more if more comfortable. Stay here and breathe deeply into your belly for 5-10 breaths.

Slowly use your abdominal muscles to gradually lower back down to lying and stay for a few breathes in stillness and then hug knees into your chest.


Two Knee Twist

Lying on your back, make a T shape with your arms, knees into chest & slowly using abdominal muscles, lower legs over to right side and press left shoulder into the floor.

Look to left if it feels comfortable for the neck and relax here and then change sides slowly.


Happy Baby

Hug your knees into your chest and gently rock side to side, then reach arms in-between your knees and grab the inner or outer soles of your feet and lift ankles directly above knees.

Keep pressing your lower back and shoulder blades into the ground and relax your head.

Hold underneath your knees if holding the feet is too difficult.

Stay in stillness or gently rock side to side.



Complete the practice with a few moments of pure stillness, giving yourself time to absorb the energy you have just created, stay here for 2 – 5min.

Gently emerge feeling rejuvenated and ready for your day ahead.


Have a beautiful day! x


About Mirinda Smith:

Mirinda Smith is a qualified yoga teacher and the owner of OM Collective, a boutique yoga and wellness studio nestled in the industrial area of Alexandria, Sydney.

Upon taking over the business in 2017, Mirinda brought with her a passion for slow flow yoga – an authentic and advanced approach that nurtures and nourishes the body and mind due to its physical and mediative benefits. Embodying the belief that yoga is for everybody, Mirinda and the OM Collective team allow students to experience a balance of strength and softness throughout each class, intertwined with moments of pure stillness and create a comfortable environment where students don’t feel intimated or judged.

To follow Mirinda and OM Collective on Instagram and Facebook follow: @om_collective_syd and @OmCollectiveSYD


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