Barre Attack 101 – Workout



Barre classes have been a staple for dancers, celebrities and… well, anyone looking for a challenging workout and strong lean physique, for a little while now.


Yet, for some ‘the barre’ is still just a place for martinis and a cheeky glass of rose (yes, we have to crack that joke every time we talk about barre. Sorry, we don’t make the blogger word play rules… #sorrynotsorry).


Barre workouts are seriously challenging and offer seriously good results (here are our 4 reasons to get your butt to the barre).


Not knowing what to expect, I walked into my very first barre class last week and walked out 75 minutes later, legs shaking, abs burning and sweat glistening across my brow. Yep, it was a lot more intense than I expected, but I loved every second of it and booked my next class there and then.  


What’s Barre Attack?


Barre Attack is a low-impact, high intensity workout that was developed by former professional ballet dancer and Pilates instructor Renee Scott.


Barre Attack is designed to leave every muscle burning. The workouts mix cardio, resistance and core training to develop strength, improve posture and standing stability.


Renee has put together a workout of the key Barre Attack moves which you can try at home or take on the road!



Here are the Barre Attack Basics



 Squat with Inner Thigh Squeeze


Stand with legs hip width apart and parallel, with your Barre ball high between your inner thighs. (No ball? Use a small pillow).



Stick your bottom out, like you’re going to sit on a stool with arms reaching forward then return to upright. Ensure knees are tracking over your toes and back is lengthened. Once you have completed 20 squats hold the squat and squeeze into the ball for 20 reps.




Second Position Plie


Legs a bit over hip width apart, turned out from the hips and toes. Upper body is lifted and lengthened core switched on.



Bend the knees to follow the toes, and gently draw the pelvis down towards the floor while engaging the core, and inner thighs to draw back up to a standing position. Feel like you are sliding down a wall keeping the chest and back upright. Feel like you are growing taller through the whole body to create a leg and core challenge.




Toe Taps in Arabesque


Standing on one leg, lean the upper body forward to 45 degrees and reach the back leg behind the body and in line with the hip. Back leg should be slightly turned out.


Reach the arms forward and lengthen the back leg, lifting it up to a long arabesque and tap the toes back to the floor at the back. Keep your standing leg parallel, lifting leg turned out and hips stable.







Kneeling on the floor with hands under shoulders and knees under hips.



Hover the knees just off the floor while engaging through the core then gently lower the knees back to the floor. Hold the knee lift longer each time.




Kneeling Glutes


Hop down into a four point kneeling position, with hands directly under shoulders and knees under hips.



Lift your back thigh up, with the thigh in line with your hip. Then return to your four point kneeling.




Have you tried Barre classes? 





Renee Scott is the founder of Barre Attack, a workout that is practised by 10,000 Australian women each week in over 100 Pilates, Barre, Dance and Fitness locations around Australia. 

Renee was lucky enough to do her Pilates teacher training with Romana Kryzanaoska, the direct descendant of Joseph Pilates. She is also the only Australian to complete the BASI Pilates Passing of the Torch mentor program and the complete Balanced Body Pilates Faculty Training.


Barre Attack was founded in 2012 as Renee wanted to add cardio to her existing Pilates studio. The workout mixes Pilates, short cardio bursts and dance moves, providing a well rounded workout that anyone can do.