Try This: Ultimate Post-Run Yoga Sequence with MyYogaWorks!


You’ve just finished an epic run and set a new personal best (you go girl!), but your muscles are aching, and getting back on the track any time soon is just not going to happen. You want to run your heart out, but your body just won’t keep up.

So, how do find your stride fast, without risking injury to slow you down? We asked expert Yogi Patti Quintero of Yogaworks to take us through a post-run Yoga routine that will stretch out and release those large muscle groups and get you ahead of the pack in no time.

In this 5-minute run recovery routine, Patti will have you downward-dogging, forward-folding, and threading-the-needle to stretch and release your hamstrings, calves, and hip flexors so you can get back to your running best.