THIS is what is takes to be an Elite Athlete


Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an elite athlete? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore, because we sat down with Lorna Jane Queensland Firebird Gretel Tippett, where she talked us through a typical day in her life. If you’re in need of some serious motivation to kick start your fitness routine, this is definitely it… 


6.30 am


Half a banana on the way to training


7 am 


Team weights session – 20 minute warm up, prehab exercises and movement/sprint technique/proprioception, 50 mins 3 super sets usually 1 power set, 2 strength lower body paired with upper body, 10 min warm down and stretches.



8.30 am


Make sure we get 20 grams of protein straight into my body within 30-mins of our weights session advised by our team dietitian to our repair muscles for the session in the afternoon. 


– Green smoothie (1 cup spinach leaves/kale, half squeezed lemon, handful berries, frozen mango, spoonful of spirulina/chlorella powder, handful ice, 1 cup coconut water, & other half banana.

– 1 slice rye with 2 poached eggs & half an avocado

– Womens Multi vitamin including Vit B


9.30 am


Shower, do washing and housework and emails for the day



11 am


physio/massage visit – get sore areas released and make sure body is feeling good, usually calves, feet and hips for netballers. Eat a handful of almonds and goji berries on the way


12.30 pm


Lunch: chicken wrap or 3 salmon & avocado sushi rolls with a kombucha


1pm – 2pm


Rest time (prepare for dinner and meditate)


2.15 pm 


Pre-training snack = 2 Vegemite & honey on vita weets & a square of lindt dark chocolate & coconut (my ultimate fave treat)



3pm -7pm


  • Netball Training including 30 minutes of shooting program, 30 minutes of warm up and sprint technique, 30 mins of agility and ball work, 45 minutes of team drills and specialist attack/defence sessions, 25 minutes of match play, 15 minute warm down, 30 minutes analysis of training/team we are versing and team game plan
  • Recovery Food includes 2 homemade protein balls


7.30 pm


Get home shower, have dinner which usually consists of beef/chicken/salmon stirfry in wraps


9 pm


Magnesium tablets to help muscles relax before bed & a chamomile tea



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