The Top 20 Reasons To Workout… As Decided By You!

buzzfeed_workout_bannerWe LOVE working out. So much so, we could give you a whole list of reasons. But enough about us, we want to know about YOU. Why do YOU workout? What gets you moving, and what’s your reasoning for jumping out of bed at 5am in the morning? The stereotypical response is generally, for stress relief, to feel good naked or to lose weight. However we wanted to go against the grain and seek out the true answers. We threw this question out there on facebook for a fun (and highly entertaining) exercise, and ended up with this shortlist. So, here is the top 20 reasons to workout as decided by you.

1. It gives you a natural HIGH… 


– Melinda B 

2. Positivity, Positivity, Positivity… 


– Stace M

3. To get back to your old self & beyond…


– Laura G-F 

4. To add years to your life… 


– Catherine R 

5. To make those around you happier…mnb_workout_buzzfeed5

– Lynda W 

6. Because there’s no supplement that’s better than you… 


– Suzie G

7. To make everything feel ‘A’ okay!…


– John C 

8. It sticks like glue… mnb_workout_buzzfeed8

– Michelle C

9. To make you stronger…

– Michelle J 

10. It’s like sunshine on a rainy day… 

– Jennefer T 

11. To keep life bright & light…

– Jax S 

12. To find the perfect balance…

– Rhiannon M 

13. It’s just part of who you are…

– Lana T 

14. To feel like you’re on top of the world…mnb_workout_buzzfeed14

– Kate W

15. To find your inner peace…mnb_workout_buzzfeed15

– Cherylea T S 

16. To be confident in who you are…mnb_workout_buzzfeed16

– Holly B 

17. To have your cake & eat it too…


– Janelle D G 

18. To tune out the world…


– Lisa F 

19. Why not…

mnb_workout_buzzfeed19– Suzie W 

20. Because it’s a gift… 


These are only 20 responses to WHY you workout. What’s your reason? Leave your reply in the comment box below!