The Ted Talk EVERY woman needs to watch



We love a good Ted Talk. They’re educational, inspirational, motivational and best of all, so easily accessible and make the perfect accompaniment to everything from your morning commute right through to a night on the couch. We’ve rounded up a few of our fave episodes before (if you missed it, catch it here) but recently stumbled across one that in our opinion, every woman should watch. 


In this 15-minute talk, British model Iskra Lawrence opened up about body-image, self-care and self-love in a way that literally brought us to tears. Despite being an absolute beacon of positivity – like so many women, she too has struggled with negative body image and has found herself on the quest for perfection – a destination that she came to realise, doesn’t exist. 


But words do not do this powerful talk justice, so do yourself a favour, and click play on the Ted Talk that EVERY woman should watch! 





But there’s plenty more where that came from! Check out Iskra’s Instagram! 


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