The MNB Girl’s Checklist to Race Day


We are well and truly in the thick of run season, which means novelty fun runs and marathons are popping up all over the place.

Whether you have been training like a mad woman for weeks on end, or are just joining in for the fun of it, the MNB team have compiled a running training program checklist with 10 simple tips to get you raring for race day.

1. Get a good nights sleep

If you have been pounding the pavement in the lead up to the big event, make sure you give those muscles a well-deserved rest before the race, and get plenty of sleep throughout the week. This rest time will ensure your body is in peak condition allowing you to perform at your best on the day.


2. Stretch it out

We seriously don’t do enough of this. Stretching is so important for our muscle recovery and to reduce the risk of injury. Why not dedicate some time to stretch out your limbs? Or try out these basic yoga moves to unwind and relax in preparation for your run.


3. Nourish right the night before

It’s so important to eat sensibly the day before a race, and prepare a nourishing dinner with a good amount of carbs, protein and good fats. Oh and stick to what you know! Don’t be tempted to test out an extravagant and exotic dish. You want to be energised for your big race, without being held back by your dinner. Try a high protein packed meal with lots of greens, like this one.


4. Fuel up the morning of 

This is totally up to the individual. Some people only need a light snack before a run, whilst others need a little bit more fuel in the tank. Try and eat a simple breakfast of energy oats, power protein smoothie or a banana at least 2 hours before you race to get that engine fired up and ready to go.



5. Work(out) your Wardrobe

What to wear running is a widely discussed topic at Lorna Jane, as your outfit has the power to be your best asset, or biggest hindrance for the duration of your run. To make the most of your running training program, choose an outfit that will support you on your active way, not slow you down. That means no adjusting and rearranging mid-run, it’s all about support and compression to last the distance. Check out our full range of run-perfect styles.


6. Good shoe = GREAT run

READ THIS right now, because not only is this an important investment when embarking on your active journey, but it will also help avoid injury, not to mention those dreaded shin splints. Make sure you get fitted properly, and break your shoes in before race day.


7. Music to MOVE you

When you are working out, sometimes all you need to keep on movin’ is a rocking playlist that will motivate you to keep pushing forward. Try creating your own playlist that lasts for the duration of your run (60 minutes is a reasonable benchmark), or pump up the jam with THIS exclusive mix created for the LJ Sisterhood by DJ Duo, Dem Foxes.


8. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

This should be high on your priority list as it’s so important to be well hydrated for your run. Fitness expert Amelia Burton suggests that, “you need 30ml of water for every kilo you weigh, then between 500 ml – 1 litre (depending on body size and race intensity) for every hour you exercise”. So, be sure to be refilling that water bottle of yours the day and night before your event. Another good idea is to sip on some coconut water post-race. It is an excellent, super hydrating alternative to water because of its high electrolyte content, and is a much healthier alternative to sports drinks on the market.


9. Post-Workout Snack 

So you’ve just worked up a serious sweat, and even though you may not feel like it, now would be the ideal time to replenish and refuel your body so it can get the recovery and repairing it needs. Try our post-workout snack or THIS “ultimate” delicious power bar (come on, you’ve earned it!).


10. Track your time

Say hello to the brand new Lorna Jane App for iOS and Android. Use it to help track the time, distance and energy burned each time you step foot on the track in the lead up to race day! DOWNLOAD it now or update your original – we promise it will make crossing the finish line all the more achievable #nevergiveup


The last thing to remember is to HAVE FUN. You have been training hard and working your butt off for this. Make yourself proud, and remember when your feet hurt, run with your heart. Think about how amazing you will feel once you cross the finish line. You’ve got this!