The Lunchtime Workout & Why You Should



Working out on your lunch break may seem like a hassle. You get hot and sweaty and going back to your desk after getting your glow on is not always ideal. But here’s the thing – how you will feel after busting your butt will actually outweigh the small amount of discomfort and make you feel totally buzzed up for the rest of the day. It’s even better than your 3pm caffeine hit, we promise. 


There really are no limits to what your lunch time workout can be. You can keep it light with yoga, pilates, a simple walk or you can choose to power up with a jog, boxing or a weight session. Whatever you decide, here are our top tips for really maximising on a lunch time workout from girls who make it happen on the regular. 


The Light-weight Lovers


Whether it’s some light stretching, express pilates or an afternoon walk, a light-weight workout is better than no workout! The best way to make sure you stay true to a lunch time workout plan is to take a friend, or better yet a full squad of fit friends. Ensuring that you workout with other people will not only keep you committed to working out, but it will also be a great way to socialise and break up the day with some free-flow endorphin-filled conversation. 


The Gym Goer


For the solo flyer who’s really looking to blow some steam, a quick midday gym sesh can really pick up your mood and get you shifting gears into full speed. From cardio to weights, the options are endless and a quick 20 minute burner will make you feel right on track for the rest of the afternoon. 


The Boxing Babes 


If you really want to turn your lunch time into a full-on high intensity workout and make the most of your break, why not get a personal trainer to meet you at the office and get your sweat on? We tried it ourselves here at LJ HQ and now we’ve officially started a boxing club. Thursday lunch time = B-Day. #NoExcuses. 


How do you maximise your lunch time with a mini (or full-blown) workout? Share your sporty secrets…  


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