Stretch like Lorna Jane Clarkson



Let me ask you a question… how often do you stretch? Be honest – this is a safe space that’s totally free from judgement. However, if your answer is less than the amount of times you workout each week, you need to stop and reassess. Stretching is one of the most underrated and not to mention most underutilized components of most peoples workout routines, but it’s arguably the most important. 


When you break your fitness regime down, you should be able to equally divide it into three main categories… cardio, strength and flexibility. That means, for every f-45 class, run or session at the squat rack you do, you should also squeeze in a yoga or body balance class or at least some stretching sequence. For the most part, people have their cardio and strength pretty down pat, but if you don’t stretch enough, you’re putting yourself at risk of some serious injury. Not stretching seriously reduces mobility in the joints and muscles, which in turn increases the risk of injury and inflammation. Luckily the solution is simple – stretch more. 


Luckily, our leading lady Lorna Jane Clarkson is an expert in this field and put this video together to show you a few of her favourite stretches to alleviate back pain. 




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