Build Strength and Curves – Workout


Strength training has so many benefits (read about them here) but there are still a number or women who shy away from weight and strength training in fear of bulking up too much (here is how to avoid that).


We caught up with celebrity trainer and our friend, Alexa Towersey, who shared with us the perfect workout to build strength and curves.


The combination of targeted lower body and core dominant weight training workouts with specific plyometric based intervals, encourages the development of strong, shapely curves without building any unwanted bulk.


The Workout





A well structured and focused dynamic warmup is the perfect opportunity to prepare the muscles for movement, prime the nervous system, identify and address any structural imbalances or weaknesses and reinforce correct movement patterns.

If your hip flexors are too tight, your glutes tend to shut down.  The glutes are notoriously lazy and would prefer to stay dormant and let other more dominant muscles take on the bigger tasks. Therefore the warmup is twofold; hip mobility followed by glute activation.



10 x Spiderman

10 x Overhead Reverse Lunge

10 x Frog Squats






30 x Side Lying Clams each side









15 x Single Leg Glute Bridge each side






The Workout:


The exercises below are to be done circuit style with only the transition between each exercise as rest. Complete all the reps of one exercise before moving on to the next.  At the end of one full circuit, take 60-90 secs rest and repeat for a total of 3-5 times.



1. 20 x Hip Thrust.








2. 12 x Bulgarian Split Squat each leg.








3. 15 x Goblet Squat (or bodyweight squat).








4. 24 x Lateral Lunge (alternating legs).








5. 45 sec RKC Plank.








6. 10 x Squat Jumps.











I suggest cooling down with at least 10-20 mins of easy cardio, i.e. walking followed by foam rolling, trigger point release and static stretching. 

Recovery is just as important as training, when it comes to both performance and injury prevention. 


This workout can be done anywhere and anytime.  You could perform the exercises at home, in the office or on holiday with no equipment necessary, or in the gym using free weights to progress the movements with load. 

If in the gym, I suggest picking a weight that you struggle to finish the last 2 reps, but never sacrifice form for load.



Let us know how you feel after this workout!

Did you smash it? 






Alexa Towersey is a sports model, celebrity trainer and nutrition and lifestyle coach.  Learn more about Alexa here.


This is a sample of one of the workouts as featured in Alexa’s Creating Curves E-Book.