Roxy Jacenko spills her fit tips…


They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and this age old adage couldn’t be truer for Roxy Jacenko. The PR superstar endured a challenging year (to say the very least) when a series of personal trials suddenly left her a single mother to two beautiful young children, topped off with a breast cancer diagnosis, which propelled her into immediate surgery and radiation therapy. Instead of succumbing to defeat, this savvy business woman chose to use this setback as motivation to turn her attention back to Active Living by prioritizing her health and fitness, something she hadn’t actively worked on for more than 10 years… and it turns out, it’s just like riding a bike. 


One quick scroll down her instagram uncovers a series of gym selfies, green juices, and THE most enviable abs you ever did see, proving she’s far from the stereotypical champagne guzzling, air kissing publicist. We caught up with Roxy to talk all things Move Nourish and Believe…


Have you always been into Active Living or was there a catalyst that converted you?


In my younger years I was super sporty, but then I started my own business, Sweaty Betty PR and I fell out of the routine putting it down to being ‘too busy’. Add to that having two small kids and Active Living became an after thought – until I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Mid 2016 – then it was important for my health and bone density.


Do you have a motto or mantra you live/work by?


Think about it less and just do it!


What are your favorite ways to Move, Nourish and Believe?


Move: Weight Sessions with my PT, Dan Adair


Nourish: Green Juices and Clean Eating


Believe: Being around my children, Pixie and Hunter – I can’t believe how lucky I am!


Where’s the most unconventional place you’ve ever worn activewear?


A speech! I forgot I had a commitment to speak to a group of 25 women and went to work straight from gym, 15-minutes prior to my speaking agenda my calendar note popped up and I realized that not only was I due to speak, I was in activewear and didn’t have time to run home!!!!!!!


Your abs are seriously next level… what’s your favourite ab exercise?


 I love sit ups! I do them every session and mix up the methods of doing them. 


Being a mother and a business owner, how do you find/make the time to ensure exercise and healthy eating is a priority? 


When your health relies on it, it just becomes a given. I have an amazing support network around me that helps me with the kids and a team at work who are so wonderful so it means that it frees up time for me to be able to ensure I am living a healthy lifestyle which isn’t something I had done for the past 10 years.


How do you motivate yourself on those inevitable off days we all have? 


I guess when you feel good within yourself, motivating yourself happens on its own, thus far I have only had a few days that I’ve thought I really can’t be bothered, but then I get there and am proud that I just got it done!


What advice would you give to other busy working women/mums who are wanting to adopt healthier lifestyle?


Make the time, not only is it vital for your health but it makes a busy life seem more manageable, I find it makes for a clear and calm mind!