Meet the Models part 1

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It’s probably far from a secret that everything we do at Lorna Jane is for our customer… from the activewear we design to the articles we write, we do it all with you – our beautiful customers at the forefront of our mind, and that’s exactly the notion we had in mind when the concept for our February campaign sprouted! “What if we used our actual customers”? After all, who better is there to represent our brand than the people who live and breathe Lorna Jane and the Active Living philosophy? So that’s exactly what we did. We’re particularly proud of this campaign because it shines a light on some seriously inspiring women who show us what they’re made of! Stay tuned for part 2! 



Motto/Mantra you live by: Expect the best, and you’ll get it.

3 words that best describe you? Positive, empowered and absolutely hilarious if I do say so myself!

I am made of: Happiness and strength. 

I’m a Lorna Jane Girl because: I’m a Lorna Jane girl because I am proud to be apart of a sisterhood where all girls and women around the world are unified and encouraged to live happily by living healthily. I believe that an active life is definitely the only kind worth living.

Favourite piece from the Feb collection + why? Call me bias, but it totally has to be the Wrap It Up Bra and the Amazonite tight, which I got to wear for the photo shoot. Besides being absolutely stunning and out of this world, it was incredibly comfortable and felt great while I was dancing around, I was so free to move because it felt so weightless. It made me feel confident, fit and fun. It’s basically every dancer’s dream, take my word for it.


Motto/Mantra you live by: Your body achieves what the mind believes.

3 words that best describe you?  Determined, passionate, open-minded.

I am made of: All the chances that I’ve taken. All the dreams that I have put into action.

I’m a Lorna Jane Girl because: I love everything that the LJ brand stands for! It’s more than just a clothing brand, It has a very powerful message to bring to all women, the LJ books really do speak my language!

Favourite piece from the Feb collection + why? The Magnitude Cropped Excel Tank- It’s a crop top that needs to be shown, Let’s rock this crop with confidence, no T-shirts needed!

What inspires you everyday? I would have to say my clients! I see so many people going through different stages in life,  everyone has their own story, but when they come into the gym and train they are all there for one thing- to be great and to feel great! It never ceases to amaze me how strong people are!


Motto/Mantra you live by: Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. These words have been on repeat in my head since the day I quit my 9-to-5 and started working for myself.

I am made of: Clear eyes to stay focused, two feet to keep me grounded, a big heart to share love, a strong back bone and a brain to dream of more.

I’m a Lorna Jane Girl because: I trust and listen to my body to push through and work hard or rest and recover. I’m the quiet achiever; I like my actions to speak for me. I know my strengths and I work them. I know my limitations and I strive to improve them. I’m always learning, to grow and to evolve. I have freckles and imperfections that make me unique. I shine in my own way like all Lorna Jane Girls.

Favourite piece from the Feb collection + why? My shoot day outfit. The Izzy Tights and New Year Sports Bra combo was perfect for my body shape. It hugged me in all the right places. I felt fast, I was so fast nobody could catch me Haha!


Motto/mantra you live by: It is not our abilities that define us but our possibilities. 

I am made of: Knowing what I want and going for it! 

I’m a Lorna Jane girl because: At the core of who I am I’m an LJ girl, I eat breath sleep The MNB practice and Active Living philosophy. If I could only have my LJ tights and a green smoothie for the rest of my days I would be happy. I love everything about the community of LJ girls I’m surrounded with every day, their attitudes towards life is infectious and it motivates me everyday to live my best life. 

What inspires you everyday? I have been my biggest inspiration lately, tackling new and big things I didn’t think I was capable of! Being able to turn to myself in times where I would previously turn to others makes me really happy! I have a great support system with my fiance and my mum they both give me the extra push I need to keep going even when I feel like I can’t. Every morning I wake up and think about 3 things I’m grateful for and that sets me up for the rest of the day! Knowing that I have created the life I live is inspiration enough for me! 


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What are you made of? Let us know in the comments below.