What You Need for a Fun Run

Team MNB have got your back so that you can be as prepped as you can be for whatever fun run you’re tackling this year. We’ve created a brand new eBook to give you all the info and inspo you need to get you on track (pun intended). Our new #RunGirlRun Guide has loads of information about all things running, from what to wear, to what to eat before and after your run. Once you’ve downloaded your free guide, all you need are the perfect pair of tights to support you in all the right places. If you really want to give run season your best shot you need tights that will keep you warm if you’re running on a cold winter morning, but refreshed too, because it’s no fun being sweaty betty. It’s okay to be Goldilocks when it comes to choosing tights for your run, because you need them to be just right. We can appreciate that you don’t want them too tight, or too loose, and we know that you’re making an investment, so you want tights that aren’t just good for aesthetics. Say hello to Compression Tights, aka your new best friend for run season.

Run Season2What makes Compression Tights different to any other Lorna Jane tights you might ask? Whilst most LJ tights are made from our signature Excel fabric, our Compression Tights are made from LJ Excel Compression Polyester, which not only wicks moisture, is quick drying and breathable (and fade resistant), but it also features an 8-way stretch. Our latest Tri Core Compression tights actually aid muscle recovery, reduce fatigue and help stimulate blood circulation. They also feature internal mesh panelling in the waistband, which increases support and brings awareness to your core – and here you were thinking they were just good for fashion purposes. 

Run Season3What we love most about our latest Compression Tights is that they’re part of our new Be Connected range, which means you can stay connected to your favourite tech at all times. Just simply zip your iPhone or Android into the pocket, thread your headphones through and you’re good to go! 

Handy Tip: If you’re an LJ girl who can’t workout without run shorts (I hear you), you can just slip a pair of compression tights on after your workout when you’re resting, and they will still help soothe your muscles and speed up the recovery process.