The Halloween Essential You’ve Probably Forgotten


Halloween is getting scarily close.


While a lot of people are planning their costumes, getting decorations for their house and stocking up on ‘treats’, there is one essential part that is often overlooked. The Pre ‘Trick or Treat’ Halloween Warm Up.


Yep, whether it is to make a hasty exit after delivering your signature ‘trick’, reduce time between treat collections or to increase your distance, a comprehensive warm up is key in avoiding boo-boo’s.


Whether you regularly exorcise or not, these simple stretches will have you ready and limbered up ready for an epic ‘Trick or Treat’ run.



Halloween Warm Up



Walking Dead Lunges –

Stretching out your major muscle groups, opening up your hip flexors and commencing a forward motion, walking lunges are the perfect way to kick off your warm up (and practice your zombie walk).






Spooky Side Stretches –

Lifting and lengthening your torso, hips and abdominals, side stretches can help reduce stitches and improve balance.  They also prepare you to dodge and weave through to the front of the treat queue.






Zombie Hip-ster Circles –

Rotating your hips in a circular motion helps open up your hip, knee and ankle joints, which all bear a heavy load when pounding the pavement. As an extra added bonus, you might find that your hula hooping skills improve!





Creepy Calf Stretches –

Regularly forgotten in a warm up, your calves are susceptible to injury if not looked after. Calf raises can help strengthen your Achillies tendon and as a bonus, having strong calf muscles may help you jump higher. 






Quasimodo Quad Stretch –

One of the most common warm up exercises, and for good reason. Quadricep stretches increase blood circulation, flexibility and energy. Tight quads can lead to knee and lower back pain. So, to avoid hunching over in pain, stretch them out.





Ghastly Glute Figure Four –

Your gluteal muscles carry out a lot of hard work and if not looked after can contribute to tight iliotibial bands (ITB syndrome), heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and shin splints. Spending the time to stretch out your glutes properly will help increase flexibility in both your gluteals and hip flexors as well as reduce lower back pain. It will also help strengthen and engage the muscle to build a strong booty.

Tight glutes can hurt when stretched properly (hence the name!) but stick with it and you will feel the benefit. 



Complete the exercises on both side holding each stretch for 30-60 seconds and you will be ready to go!



What are your ‘go-to’ warm up stretches?