Feeling’ Fab in 5 Min – Stretch it Out Snow Bunny Style

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Chilly weather is the ideal excuse to take the time to add a few extra warm up stretches to your day.

Whether you’re working out or not, taking a few minutes to move and stretch not only warms up your muscles but it also goes a long way to improving your flexibility and reducing injury. 

Plus – it feels ah-mazing!


Our lovely friend Kira from Fittbe rolled out her mat on the slopes to share some of her fave feel good stretches Snowboarder on EmojiOne


Snowman on Apple Snowman on Apple Snowman on Apple


For those of you seeking some “you time,” slowing down and warming up may be just the ticket! Just 10 or 15 minutes of stretching a day luxuriously prepares your body for whatever is next.


Rather than doing one static stretch here or there, we love flowing sequences, which help you get more out of each position, plus they feel fab! Pro tip – it’s best to stretch when you’re warm.





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