The Lorna Jane Burpee Challenge… Who’s In?

BURPEE-HEADERSummer is just around the corner, so there is no better time like the present to launch the Lorna Jane Burpee Challenge. We’ve worked the thighs, butt and quads through the LJ Squat Challenge, and now we’re turning things up a notch with the added challenge of the infamous Burpee. Let’s face it, it’s a move everybody loves to hate, but they may just be the most most efficient, functional exercises you can do. So, why not set yourself the goal to Burpee your way through the month of October? If your’e unsure how to master this move, Fitness expert Christine Bullock shows you some different variations.


So, who’s with us? 

Show us you are on board & simply snap your pics and use the #LJBURPEE