Find Your Flow with Charlotte Dodson’s Gentle Yoga Sequence

charlottedodsonyoga_bannerNow, more than ever, we seem to be so busy with life. With the amazing advance in technology came the inability to ‘switch off’ and have time alone with our thoughts. Yoga is a powerful tool to help us keep our minds still and quiet. By taking 15 minutes a day to focus on our breathing and get our bodies moving, we find the ability to unwind from our busy day.

As seen in the 2nd issue of our Active Living Magazine, Charlotte Dodson takes us through this gentle yoga sequence to enrich your body and mind with a newfound harmonising energy.



Soothe your body as your fold forward into child’s pose. Bring your big toes to touch, draw your knees out wide & sit heavily onto your heels. Breathe deeply into this gentle pose to soften your inner & outer self for 10 breaths.


Free any tension or emotions within the body by opening & releasing any blockages stored within your spinal column. Allow your breath to move naturally and enable your body to follow the flow and length of every breath. Continue for approx. 5-10 breaths.


This pose fully energises you & gives you vitality. Hold & breathe deeply into the pose for 5-10 long, mindful breaths. If this feels too strong, you can drop your knees at any time.


You’ve got to strive for what you want & this pose will work all those leg muscles you forgot you had! Please remember to breathe deeply & not to hold your breath. It can be a challenging posture, so focus your attention on a still object to help with your balance. Breathe deeply for 5-10 breaths.


This standing warrior pose builds strength in the legs, belly and upper body whilst giving you a boost of energy as you open up your lungs. When you engage Reverse Warrior pose, you stretch the hips, inner legs and groin. Hold for 5-10 breaths.


Twist, turn & unravel any of your problems! This pose gets into all those knots & tight areas, helping to alleviate any worries. Hold & breathe deeply for 10 breaths before repeating on the other side. Remember to be kind & not overstay in any pose – use your breath & inner strength to build power into your practice.


This pose lengthens your spine, soothes your spirit & allows you to turn inward. Just let your arms hang down & breathe deeply for about 10 breaths. Step back into Downward Facing Dog and repeat the sequence on the other side.


Backbends open up the front body & strengthen the back. This half upside down bow pose gives you an energetic boost as you turn yourself inside out in a rainbow shape. Every time you exhale, feel your belly tightly. As you move on the exhale, your belly is protecting your lower back.


Lay back, let go & just ‘be’ in the moment by giving time to your body & relaxing for 5-10 minutes. This corpse pose allows your body to absorb the sequence you’ve just completed. You’ll feel rested & it will provide your whole body with an overall sense of wellbeing & harmony.

So there you have it! We hope this sequence has energised you and released your tired muscles whilst giving you time to be with you.

Download the sequence in full here!

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