The Beyoncé Booty Workout



Now put your hands up! ‘Cause our bodies are too bootylicious for ya babe… When it comes to putting your love for working out on top, we have to say that a Beyonce Booty Burner Workout is our favourite way to get jumpin’ jumpin’ (or should we say squattin’ squattin’?). Whether you’re one of all the single ladies or you’re crazy in love, this booty focused workout will have you feeling totally irreplaceable and downright #FLAWLESS. So get in formation and work on that inner diva like you ain’t sorry.






Here’s a Bey inspired countdown of our 3 favourite moves you must do for the perfect peach…


1. Lunge


There are few moves out there that simultaneously target some of the bodies largest muscle groups, and a lunge is one of them. Easy-to learn and even easier to modify, a lunge is a safe and incredibly effective exercise that works your quads, hamstrings, calves and core but most importantly… your glutes. If you’re in the business of booty building – get low and add some lunges to your workout. For variations, add some weight in the form of kettlebells or dumbbells or amp up the intensity by incorporating some plyometric training and turning it into a lunge jump.




2. Squat


Got #bootygoals? Get Squatting! Not only will they give you gorgeous glutes, but squatting on the reg will help strengthen your stabilizer muscles to prevent injury, improve your balance and mobility, increase your range of motion and help burn fat! It’s true when they say good things come to those who squat Check out these squat variations here



3. Clam


A classic Pilates move, the Clam will help target your hips, thighs and glutes and tone them like it’s nobody’s business. Don’t let the cute name fool you, because after as little as 30-seconds you’ll feel the burn right through your thighs and glutes plus all through your stomach and core. It’s done by lying on one side with one arm outstretched along the ground and your knees together, slightly bent. Then you simply lift the top leg away from the bottom leg until your knee faces the ceiling. Work those glutes!



SO, we want to know… what’s your favourite booty busting workout move? Tell us below…