5 Minutes with Ashleigh Freeman for Active Nation Day

As part of our inspiring women series for our September Active Nation Day campaign, we caught up with Ash Freeman on what Active Living means to her and how she likes to MNB. 




What inspires you?

I believe that we each need to be our own biggest motivators, however I draw constant inspiration from the beauty of being outdoors and keeping positive and driven people within my close circle. I also remind myself every single day of how lucky I am to have a healthy body and to be grateful and respectful of that.


What drives you every day to do what you do?

You know that feeling of when you have just finished a workout and you feel strong, confident, proud and energised? It’s my greatest passion to share that feeling with others and to see how this can carry into all other aspects of their lives. Being a trainer has introduced me to so many incredible, likeminded clients and trainers who I am constantly learning from and so inspired by.




How important is being fit, healthy and positive to you?

So important! I believe that our physical body is so strongly connected to our mental state. When we strengthen our body, we are also strengthening our mind. Moving and caring for my body is so engrained in me these days that I can’t imagine a day without it. Exercise clears my mind and makes me feel stronger and more capable in all other areas of my life.


What are your current MNB Intentions?  

Move : To get outdoors and run, swim, surf, hike and stretch whenever I can. To engage in as many different types of movement as possible!

Nourish : I want to fuel my body with the most nutritious foods that I can to be healthy and happy from the inside out.

Believe : Write down your goals and read them out to yourself every day. When you put your goals on paper, you take them out of your head and you bring them into the real world. Then all thats left is to work to make them true!