Fit Tips For New (or Expecting) Moms



Having a baby is one of the most incredible things a woman can do. It should empower you and remind you how strong you are. Unfortunately it can often be the time when women often start feeling vulnerable and unsure of themselves whilst embarking on this new adventure as a Mother.


It is widely known that exercise has a huge number of benefits to include physical and mental for anyone, and this is no different once you have had your baby and in fact it could be argued that it is even more important now.


The simple act of doing something for yourself even for 1 hour a week can have such a positive impact on your mood. For that hour you are you, not mum, just you! Whether it is meeting up with friends to attend a class, or seeing a personal trainer, it is so worth putting in the time to make this happen.


The sheer unpredictability of a baby means that sometimes your plans won’t ahead as you’d like but don’t put any pressure on this, just try again tomorrow. Even 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week can keep those endorphins flowing. 


Here are a few of my top tips to get moving …



It sounds simple but we so often jump on the bus, or order a taxi to go to place where, if we just planned our time better, we could walk to! Put your little on in the buggy, and get outside.

Not only is the fresh air so good for you, but you will ramp up the number of steps you do per day and get closer to that 10,000!


Do it with a friend 

Firstly it kills two birds with one stone as you can catch up and gossip (moan about your lack of sleep) while you exercise. It also holds you accountable to stick to your workout plan if someone else if in on it with you!


Keep it simple

Don’t make it hard for yourself. If you plan a really tricky workout that needs lots of equipment and a certain space then the chances of you not completing it are much higher.

Pick a few exercises that you can do at home, in the garden, wherever and you are fair more likely to get it done.

Follow workouts on YouTube, here on Move Nourish Believe (like this and this x) or you can try any workouts from the free Active Living Program, which are all designed to be done anywhere, anytime with minimal equipment (or fuss!).

We also post some very simple easy to follow workouts for you to try @bumpsandburpees smile


Aim for 3 “activities” a week

This does not need to be a gym workout. This could be a long walk, a swim and a workout in your garden. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do what you see others doing, it needs to work within your lifestyle otherwise you will never stick to it!


Feeling good doesn’t always start from the inside 

Instead of chucking on your husbands old t-shirts, treat yourself to a new gym outfit and you’ll be surprised at how much more confident you feel during your workout.

Pick colours that you love, and items that are comfortable and make you feel amazing! Wearing Activewear that makes you feel good actually helps motivate you to be more active (even scientists agree!). Head here to learn how. 



Don’t forget that this journey is tough. You’re trying to work with your new body to get it strong and fit, whilst learning how to be a mum. No one said it is supposed to be easy, but there are ways to make it more do-able and enjoyable, and we are here to help you.

#OwnYourMumBod because we think it is amazing, just look at what it has done for you!! (Read more here x)





Charlie Launder is a Pre & Post Natal Specialist and the founder of Bumps and Burpees. She trains and supports women in maintaining or reaching their fitness goals during and after the birth of their children. Once the baby is born, Mums bring their babies to training and Charlie will take care of the both of them.

Charlie Launder @charlielaunder – Pre & Post Natal Specialist, Personal Trainer, Founder of @bumpsandburpees

Georgia Jones @thegeorgiaedit – Model, presenter, mum, fitness-lover


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