5 Fast Yoga Poses for an Energy Burst


Feeling a bit bleurgh or lethargic?

Whether you’ve been a bit run down, had restless sleep or just want an extra burst of energy to give you more pizzazz and sparkle … look no further than our Fast 5 Energy Boosting Yoga Poses!!


To get you kick started in the morning or when you feel that afternoon slump on the horizon, take a few minutes to run through these poses and you’ll be buzzing in no time.


Warrior II

Warrior II uses your largest muscle groups which means that you’re working hard to engage a big area. The result is an increase in blood flow and oxygen intake = energy!


Camel Pose

Back bends help to stretch your spine and open the front of your body, which are often tight from the hallmark slouch that we develop from poor posture and lots of screen time. Camel helps open all of these tight areas, increase spine flexibility and release stored energy.


Downward Facing Dog

The classic downward facing dog is the perfect all-rounder, giving you a beautiful big full body stretch as well as flowing fresh blood to your noggin. Breathe and relax into the pose and when you’re done you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy!


Shoulder / Head / Hand Stand

Any way you can, get upside down. This increases fresh blood flow and oxygen to the brain, removes gravitational pressure from our organs and revitalises your whole body through a fresh new perspective. It also takes confidence and concentration which kick starts those happy hormones and excitement levels.


Cobra Pose

Stretching and strengthening your spine, Cobra will help alleviate tension in your back neck and shoulders while opening your chest. A winning combo for reducing stress and increasing energy.


What’s your favourite way to energise?