4 Moves to Make You A Well Rounded Athlete


Do you want to be a well-rounded athlete, excited and prepared to take on any fitness challenge? To gain the confidence that comes with well-rounded athleticism you need a comprehensive workout routine that addresses each element of strength. You need the FOUNDATION to take on any physical task, the POWER to hit hard and jump high, the BALANCE to react and adjust with stability and the ENDURANCE to make it through to the end. Once you build up each element of strength moving through your life will become increasingly more fun, effective and natural. PLUS you will be able to kick some major butt in the gym!

In this series we will tackle each element of strength with a master workout. Tackle them all and say YES to any fitness challenge that comes your way! First up, FOUNDATION.

Foundation is that fundamental element of strength that sets you up to succeed in all areas. Pilates teaches us to move from our foundational core, which in the long run helps us to prevent injury and sculpt an enviable, chiseled body. PLUS Pilates leaves you with a super cinched waist and great posture!

Foundation Workout – 4 Moves to Make You A Well Rounded Athlete

Complete this 20 minute Pilates workout by performing exercises 1-4 for 1 minute each. When you have completed 1 round, take a 1 minute water break. If you would like to increase the challenge skip the water break and try the Bonus EvoAb exercise from the Bonus Evolution 20 workout. Repeat the circuit x4 for an Evolution 20 20-minute Foundation workout!

1. Pilates Ab Footwork – Begin on your back with your arms by your sides and your legs in a table top position, knees directly over hips and shins parallel to the ground. Keep feet together and open knees hip distance. Reach arms forward, brace abs then lift your head and shoulders off of the ground. This is your start position. With control extend your legs straight out around 45 degrees. Draw knees in back over hips and repeat. Lower the legs for increased challenge. Repeat 2.

FOUNDATION12. Extension Swimmer- Begin on your stomach with legs long and arms extended by ears. Engage your core, float your chest and legs off the ground. This is your start position. Lift opposite arm and leg a bit higher then lower. Lift the opposite arm and leg then lower. Repeat alternating sides and pick up the speed.

FOUNDATION23. Side Plank Crunch- Begin in a forearm side plank with elbow under shoulder and feet stacked. Reach top arm up and over ear. Float your top leg. This is your start position. Bend the top arm and leg, drawing elbow and knee together. Extend arm and leg to. Repeat. Alternate Right and Left after each complete circuit.

FOUNDATION34. Leg Pull – Sit with legs extended. Take hands behind you on the floor, fingers facing the back. Press into arms and feet to lift the glutes and legs off ground into a reverse plank. This is your start position. Press into left foot to kick the right leg straight to sky. Lower the right leg to the ground. Repeat with the left leg. Alternate kicks.


BONUS: Ab Teaser – Begin seated with knees bent, legs together. Lean back slightly, tucking the tailbone and bracing the core. Float the feet to table top or increase the challenge by extending the legs. Reach arms forward. This is your start position. Slowly lower back and legs to the ground, rolling down one vertebrae at a time. Roll back up with the same control lifting upper and lower body simultaneously to Teaser. Repeat.



Download the full workout HERE! 

*Photo Credit Kathryn Page

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