10-Minute Core Workout By Christine Bullock

ChristineBullockPilates_banner2During holiday season, it’s hard for me to fit in my regular workouts while preparing the house, shopping, cooking and entertaining. I just don’t have the time for a 60-minute workout. However, with stress and calorie levels rising, this isn’t the time to completely forget my physical health.

To trim the tree and my waistline, I’ve come up with an intense short workout that trains the full body. I always make sure to include a great core workout so my back stays healthy after all the cooking and shopping… but also so I can comfortably slip on my bandage dress for any holiday event!

Perform 1 to 3 sets of the entire workout.

Exercise #1: Hundred 

Start: Legs are turned out with inner thighs touching and arms placed by the ears as you brace the core. Bring your arms back towards the feet as you lift the head, neck and shoulders off the mat. At the same time, lift the legs to 45 degrees. (Variation: Legs can be lifted higher or knees bent to decrease strain on lower back.)

Movement: Pump arms by your side, lifting up to nose height and down to waist – quickly! Try to tighten core against the movement of arms to keep the body very still. Breathe in for 5 pumps and out for 5 pumps. Repeat for 100 arm pumps and 10 full breaths.


Exercise #2: Attitude Crunch

Start: Lie on your back, legs together. Place hands behind your head with elbows wide. Turn out right leg, bend the knee slightly, point your foot and place it on the shin.

Movement: Lift head, neck and shoulders as you lift turned out right leg (like the ballet pose “attitude” – bending and lifting one leg at a time). Lower upper body slightly as you lower leg in attitude position. Raise upper body as you lift leg again. Perform 15-20 repetitions each leg, 3 sets.


Exercise #3: Forearm Flow

Start: Begin on belly, place forearms onto ground with elbows under shoulders. Brace abdominals and lift hips to plank.

Movement 1: Lift right leg, bend knee and bring it to the right armpit. Keep hips low in plank.

Movement 2: Lift hips upward, as you lengthen right leg backward and up to the sky. Keep shoulders down, plus your back and abs braced. Perform 10 repetitions on each side.


Exercise #4: Side Plank Torso Twist

Start: Sit on right side waist, with legs stacked and a soft bend in knees. Place right hand on mat underneath shoulder. Brace abdominals, press into right arm and lift hips to side plank reaching the left arm to the sky. (Variation: drop bottom knee to ground under hip)

Movement 1: Twist the torso, reaching the top arm underneath the bottom torso. Keep feet stacked and hips stacked. Reach back up to the sky. Perform 15-20 repetitions on each side.


Exercise #5: Overhead 

Start: Lie on your back, arms reaching beside the body. Extend the legs to the ceiling above hips to begin.

Movement: Lift hips up and overhead stretching legs parallel with floor.  Reach legs up to the ceiling. To roll down, keep legs as high as possible, roll spine into the mat slowly until sacrum touches the mat and legs return to 90 degree angle. *Do not turn the neck right or left during this exercise. Perform 5-10 repetitions


Exercise #6: Reformer Footwork 

Start: Lie on back, hands behind head with elbows wide. Bring knees over hips, open knees to shoulder distance while keeping heels together. Raise the head neck and shoulders off the mat.

Movement: Keep the head neck and shoulders off mat, while extending legs to straight. Hold for a moment, then draw legs in toward chest, opening knees to hip distance again. Perform 15 repetitions.


Download the full core workout here!



Practising what she preaches for most of her life, Christine Bullock has turned her lifestyle expertise on all things relating to fitness, nutrition and beauty into a business empire. With over a decade of experience, she is passionate about counselling and training people to improve their health and wellbeing from the inside out.

Christine strongly believes that once you implement better eating habits and a personal exercise routine into your daily life, your inner beauty and joy will shine through.


Want to know more about Christine? Well, this talented TV host, fitness model and writer was recently voted LA’s Hottest Trainer for 2013! Day to day, she is always on the go and you’ll find her working alongside private clients as well as her group fitness classes at Equinox. We love her checking in with her website to read her latest wholesome recipes and high energy workouts. Or, you can stay in touch with Christine on Facebook.

Photographer: Nicholas Borsodi 2013
Location: Studio Pilates