Work It! Easy Ways to Make Life On The Road Healthy

Travel for work is never an excuse to leave your workout gear at home.


After almost a decade of working as a fashion editor or stylist either for fashion magazines like Harper´s Bazaar, or as a freelance stylist for a range of clients or magazines, and now being the travel writer and fashion influencer for the international title ELLE, being on the go has always been a big part of my work and everyday.


Despite having long days on shoots, or locations I’m also a person that swears to a healthy and active lifestyle. I grew up being active in a range of different sports, so keeping fit and having that active lifestyle is definitively one of my core passions. Healthy food supports having energy to my lifestyle, and is also essential whilst travelling as being on the go can take its toll on both my body and immune system. I therefore always pack my trainers and workout gear even if am just going for an overnight work trip.  When it comes to food I think it’s all about that balance, and I don´t restrict myself. However, since I have been Celiac since I was 17 I always pack my own snack for planes and travels to make sure I have access to gluten free alternatives.


Over the years there has been many long flights, jet lags to beat, as well as waking up in different cultures with strange food whilst having to attend shoots, interviews, events or fashion weeks.  However this should never been an excuse to drop your workout or healthy lifestyle.


Here is how I keep my routines whilst travelling for work:


  • Before a long flight I always drink heaps of lemon water as well as a green juice to boost my immune system. I also pack raw chocolate, natural almonds, fresh fruits and bliss balls in my hand luggage.


  • As well as my training gear and trainers, I also pack resistance bands, booty bands and even a skipping rope in my luggage to make sure I can do a workout even if the hotel doesn’t have a gym.


  • Jet lag can be tough when you have to get straight into work on the other side of the world. However when I wake up at 4am in New York I love that most hotels have 24-hour gyms. Use this early wake up to something positive. I like to run on the treadmill, order a coffee whilst I answer emails, and then have an early breakfast. For me exercise helps beat the jet lag.


  • Travelling for work means eating out a lot. However when it comes to lunch on set it mostly has a salad option, and I also make sure to always provide healthy snacks for the crew and myself. Eating out does not need to be unhealthy; it’s all about what you order. Make sure that there are some vegetables with your dish and stay away from deep fried food as well as very salty food. As a vegetarian the dish I choose on the menu will naturally have heaps of vegetables. But you will also find me ordering a vegetarian pizza; it’s all about the balance right?


  • When it comes to exercise working in fashion has taking me to a lot of cities. However with a busy schedule there is no time for sightseeing. Setting my alarm an hour earlier and taking a run through the city is an awesome way to explore a city before it gets busy, as well as fitting that morning run into my schedule.


  • If I am in cities where it’s not safe to run by myself, or the hotel does not have a gym I exercise in the hotel room. 20 minutes with some squats, push-ups and strength exercises with the exercise bands is all you need to work up that sweat. If you are unsure about which exercises to do you can easily look up body strength exercises on You Tube, or subscribe to girls like Kayla Itsines programs.


  • You don´t need to eat out everyday. Whilst in London and New York you will find me buying up a storm at Whole Foods Market, and enjoying a healthy dinner in my hotel bed. Make sure to locate a good health food store and smoothie/juice place whilst on a work trip.




Cecilie is a travel influencer for ELLE and has worked in fashion and beauty for Harpers Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. 

You can follow her travels on @ceciliemevatne  


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