G’day From The USA… Team MNB Go To The States!

SM-BuildingMy, how time flies! Just like that, it’s been almost two years since we first set up shop in the U.S.A (and girl, we’ve come a long way). We are livin’ the dream and feel right at home with our bright pink head office (every young girl’s fantasy) in Santa Monica. We are seriously in the hub of all thing Active Living, with so many amazing nourishing hotspots, the cream of the crop workout stops, and so many inspiring sporty sisters who embrace the MNB philosophy to its entirety.

gdayusa_officeOur ultimate goal is to spread the daily practice of MNB far and wide, inspiring one woman after another to embrace the fit feeling. Just like we encourage you to chase your dreams, and believe anything is possible, we are practising what we preach and going out BIG!


What to expect?

With plans to move beyond the California border and into this exciting new territory (Texas and Arizona, here we come!), we are thrilled to discover more fun and exciting, healthy and happening things!

  • More Active Living Advocates to share their MNB way of life
  • The latest & greatest nourishing trends in the states
  • New workouts the celebs are doing right now
  • Sporty chic trends of the active & fabulous

Just as we’ve done ever since the birth of the Move Nourish Believe website, we will continue to bring you helpful and insightful tips on how to Move Nourish and Believe every day, but now with some added US-flavor!


We’ve seen firsthand how Active Living can make a difference and inspire a nation of active women to Move Nourish Believe. Now join the movement with us, stateside.

0922f35650aa11e38df81218e5895056_7We can’t wait to meet you all. Oh and Huxley our office mascot can’t wait either!