The story behind Never Never Never Give Up!

At Lorna Jane, inspirational quotes are a huge part of our brand DNA, and I like to think it’s one of the things that has made and will continue to make us so distinguishable and unique. From the halls of LJ HQ to the walls of our social feeds, we’re never short of motivational mantras that help make women feel empowered and inspired. But there’s one that stands out more than others, and has a particularly special meaning.

Never Never Never Give Up.

It’s a catch cry that’s been with us right from the very start, and has become an integral part of what our brand represents.

In the early days of Lorna Jane, when we were right in the middle of building our very first fitness centre, we were constantly running into all sorts of obstacles. From delayed construction schedules, to tight financial restrictions, you name it – we dealt with it! Not to mention the fact that at the same time we were undergoing a huge period of growth in our retail business. To say life felt chaotic and out of control would be a serious understatement! But being the eternal optimist that I am, I refused to let the pressure get the better of us! On one of the (unfinished) studio walls, there was a hand-drawn poster of a really cute little cartoon frog trying to escape danger with the words ‘Never Give Up’ printed underneath. I don’t know why, but for some reason the words really resonated with me, and I thought it would do the same for my staff. So I grabbed a pen, added some extra Never’s to it, printed it on a singlet and the rest as they say, is history!  


Unbeknownst to me at the time, those 5 little words ended up being the little push we needed as a company to move forward and have become culturally one of the most defining features of the Lorna Jane brand.

To this day, it still brings the biggest smile to my face when I see a woman proudly rocking the Never Give Up slogan, because I know first hand how life changing those words can be. From brave women facing the ultimate fight in hospital and people cleaning up after natural disaster devastation, to fitness instructors who want to inspire and motivate the participants in their class, the sentiment – while seemingly small – helps women push through whatever obstacles they’re facing in their lives with renewed determination.

Never Never Never Give Up is cemented in our brand history and truly represents what Lorna Jane is all about. 



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