How to make your takeaway healthier


Let’s take a moment to practice some real talk… no matter how committed we are to our health and wellness goals, every now and then we ALL deserve a night off, which often means pj’s, a movie and take-away… and honestly, what could be better on a Friday night? While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging every now and then, it never hurts to know how to do it a little smarter. We consulted nutritionist Fiona Tuck, who explained how a few simple tweaks can help us make the most nutritious options, which in turn will help us keep our health and fitness goals on track.


Use these guidelines to help you make the best choices:


Fish and Chips


  • Choose grilled, steamed or baked seafood such as fish, prawns, scallops, moreton bay bugs, scallops, tuna, lobster, prawns, fresh oysters. Avoid deep fried, crumbed or battered seafood. And try to choose salad over fries.


Pub Food


  • Choose skinless chicken breast or grilled steak with a large side salad. Avoid battered, crumbed and deep fried chicken. Avoid creamy dressings and sauces such as hollandaise
  • Choose grilled burgers without the cheese-laden, mayo and bacon drenched toppings. Swap fries for salad




  • Choose vegetable stir fry’s with prawns, tofu or chicken. Ask for additional veggies to replace rice




  • Choose vegetable based dishes and choose steamed rice and dim sims over deep fried. Avoid deep fried, crispy and battered foods such as wontons and spring rolls.




  • Look for a meat option, such as lightened chicken with eggplant parmesan
  • Avoid creamy salads such as pasta salad and Caesar salad
  • Avoid creamy dressings such as mayonnaise, creamy coleslaws or potato salad. Ask for lemon juice and olive oil on the side to use as a dressing 
  • Avoid sauces such as butter sauce, cream sauce etc. Ask for no sauce




  • Choose thin crust pizza with a vegetable topping, like spinach + ricotta
  • Avoid thick crust, cheese crust stuffed and processed meat toppings
  • Choose a side of salad and ditch the garlic bread


Remember eating take out now and again is not a bad thing as we need variety in our diet to maintain sustainability of our goals. It’s important to treat take out as an occasional treat instead of a regular habitual daily habit and allow yourself a little bit of everything but not too much of any one thing. Most importantly, enjoy the meal and start the new day with a positive mindset and refreshed focus on your goals.




Fiona is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Skincare Expert, Forensic nutritionist and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Her in-depth knowledge and insight into future trends within the health industry has made her a sought-after expert.  


Fiona believes that the majority of health conditions can be traced back to nutritional deficiencies. If these deficiencies are left undiagnosed they can eventually lead to disease within the body. Using a customised strategy for each individual, Fiona specialises in diagnosing and correcting nutritional deficiencies to assist her clients on the road to improved health. Fiona is very well respected in her field of skincare and nutrition and her clients, amongst many, include wellness coaches, celebrities and medical professionals