Happy Galentine’s Day!


Happy Galentine’s Day!


The day before Valentine’s Day, ‘Galentine’s Day’ is a day for ladies to celebrate ladies. A day to celebrate the beautiful friendships you have with your amazing gal pals, generally at breakfast or brunch where you exchange compliments over your pancakes. 


‘Founded’ by Leslie Knope on the TV Show Parks and Recreation in 2010, we’re so glad that this unofficial holiday has found its way out of TV land and into the world. And, it just goes to show how excited women are to recognise how much their female friendships mean to them.


Why do we love it so much? Because it’s a wonderful reminder of how important friendship is, and the perfect opportunity to celebrate the incredible ladies in our lives. All of them! Everyone from your Mom, adopted ‘Aunty’, OG BFF, new found friends, work fam and/or lady loves. All of the women who bring happiness, support and crazy adventures into your life. 


Our friends are there for us through the ups and downs in life, call us out when we’re crazy, hatch hair brained plans with us and are our greatest cheerleaders. Friends are the family we choose, the sweet gooey centre in the cookie that is life. And that’s worth celebrating!


So, while Valentine’s is traditionally the holiday for romantic love, why not take the time to recognise and celebrate the love that we have for and with our friends. Because friendship is a truly beautiful thing.


Ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day

  • Opt for the ‘traditional’ celebration of small gifts and compliments over brunch. 
  • Organise a picnic and each bring a plate of homemade treats.
  • Kick it old school with a slumber or pizza party with your favourite ‘buddy’ movie to round out the night.
  •  Meet up for a hike / dance class / trampoline session or activity followed by a long lunch.


Whatever you choose to do, we hope that you have a fantastic day!


Happy Galentine’s Day!  Love, Team MNB xx


How are you celebrating Galentine’s Day?