3 Health Benefits of Shopping




Life is hard, but shopping helps… amirite gals? It’s called retail therapy for a very good reason.While some (read: men), often wax lyrical the detriment of shopping, we’re here to make a rebuttal and tell you there’s actually a plethora of unexpected health benefits shopping can have on your physiological and emotional well being! If you’re in the mood for a bit of retail therapy, then tou’re in luck, because our Online Warehouse Sale has kicked off, where you can score Lorna Jane at up to 60% off (shop here). The best part? You can bag some serious bargains from the comfort of your very own home… after all, you’re too pretty to have to look for a car park. 


It gives you endorphin’s 




Endorphin’s are those little neurotransmitters that are produced in your brain, and when released, lead to feelings to happiness, pleasure and in some cases, even euphoria – some experts even liken the feeling of endorphin release to a morphine high… sign us up! While typically released during periods of strenuous exercise (runners high is real), pleasure inducing activities like eating chocolate, having sex and you guessed it – SHOPPING can also help release these feel good chemicals. How? Research undertaken by Carnagie Mellon University concluded that when shoppers saw something they wanted to buy that was also in their budget, their levels of dopamine significantly heightened, which lead to feelings of motivation and productivity. 


It lowers stress 


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Some turn to yoga and meditation, others to herbal tea but did you know that retail therapy is actually a legitimate form of stress relief? A coping mechanism that’s been likened to emotional eating, shopping has been said to have a positive emotional effect on individuals – and can even lower stress levels, blood pressure and feelings of anxiety. 


It can boost self esteem  




There are few things in life that make you feel quite as good as buying that perfectly fitting pair of tights that give you instant #bootygoals or finally finding that perfect jacket that completes your winter wardrobe. Bagging those special few pieces that make you not only look good, but also feel amazing really put some extra pep in your step, that changes everything from your posture and way you walk right through to your confidence. Go on… it’s okay to treat yo’self. 






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