My 3 Beauty & Wellness Picks – Lorna Jane Clarkson

I’ve always considered myself pretty low-key when it comes to beauty but I still love to try new products and enjoy reading recommendations from different people on what they have tried, tested and swear by. There are so many new and exciting beauty and wellness products in the market right now, and I do find myself tempted to experiment with them from time-to-time but there are always the reliable ‘classics’ that I find myself returning to time and time again.

I’m asked a lot about what I use and would recommend, especially after my beauty essentials blog last year and this feature on Beauticate.

So, with the change of season, I thought it was a great time to share what are my go-to’s for beauty that I cannot live without.



1: Fave Beauty Product:

No big surprise here… coconut oil. I’m a huge fan of coconut oil for so many reasons. The main one being that it’s so versatile!

Right now, it’s the perfect make up remover for me as my skin is super sensitive, especially around my eyes. And at this time of year my skin also starts to get a little dry and in need of some extra TLC.


So, to gently remove my makeup and any impurities from the day, without stripping away my natural oils, cold pressed, extra virgin, organic coconut oil is my go-to.


As well as being my favourite cleanser, coconut oil is the best beauty multitasker I’ve found. I keep a big jar by the shower so if I’m short on time or need a little extra hydration, I use it as a body cleanser and rinse off. Simple! You’ll step out of the shower feeling silky, smooth and hydrated without needing to apply moisturizer. I’m all about keeping things simple. Life is complicated enough right?! wink


Cleansing with coconut oil:

  • Apply to your face, neck and décolletage.
  • Take your time to gently massage into your skin, using circular motions.
  • Rinse off using warm water and gently wipe clean with cotton pads or clean, reusable facial pads (you can get them in cotton or bamboo).
  • Rinse with cool water until clear.
  • Gently pat dry and follow with your favourite treatment, serums or moisturizer.


Top tips:

  • Use cold pressed, extra virgin organic coconut oil for all of the natural benefits. The more treated or processed the oil, the more naturally occurring nutrients are stripped out and chemicals and bleaches added. 
  • Don’t rush. Enjoy a little bit of pamper time in your routine. Massaging the oil into your skin not only helps lift out impurities, but you also get the extra added benefits of a delicious DIY face massage and circulation boost!
  • Make sure that you thoroughly remove your make up and coconut oil with your pads/wipes and warm water.
  • Using cool water to rinse helps soothe your eyes, promotes circulation and helps constrict blood vessels and reduce any ‘puffiness’.
  • Take your time with your beauty routine. This is ‘you’ time that you’re investing into looking after yourself. I find that it is a great way to wind down at the end of the day and I love how I feel when I take the time to treat myself with the love and care my body deserves.



2: Fave Beauty Supplement:

I’ve been a fan of Collagen supplements for a while now, but The Beauty Chef Liquid Collagen is one of my favourite beauty supplements – Hands down.


Carla is so passionate about what she does, and I know that all of her products are the best quality and have been developed with a lot of research and care.


I’ve added collagen into my wellness regime because even though our bodies naturally produce it, from our late 20’s the amount begins to reduce and begins to decrease significantly each year from around the age of 30 – yikes!


Collagen is a key building block for our bodies and is fundamental for the continued health and vitality of our skin, hair and nails. As well as supporting bone, joint and digestive health. Since I’ve started taking collagen I’ve noticed a big difference in my skins elasticity and friends and family have commented on the visible improvement of my skin.


I add it into my morning smoothie or drink it in water before I go to bed – easy!



3: Fave Wellness Practice:

You might be surprised by how simple this one is, but it’s truly my favourite and most grounding practice.


Are you ready?


It’s going for a walk after work. Yes, that’s it! A 30-minute walk after work is one of the most important parts of my day and my Believe practice.


I leave my phone at home and head out with the two most important men in my life, my dog Roger and husband Bill.

Going for a walk together is not just great for ‘debriefing’ on the day and sorting out any final little ‘work things’ so we can relax and enjoy our evening, but it also puts a clear divide between our work day and the rest of our day together as a family.  


No matter how hectic the day has been, going for that walk clears my mind and reminds me of what’s really important and how grateful I am – and there’s no better feeling.


So, there you have it! My top 3 beauty / wellness recommendations that I’m enjoying right now.


I would love to hear yours so please share with me in the comments below or on my Instagram @ljclarkson


Love, Lorna xx




What are your 3 top beauty products and practices right now?