5 things you didn’t know about Lorna Jane…

Hands up those loyal Lorna Jane fans who can spot an Ankle Biter from a mile away and know the difference between Amy and Pammy? Well, it’s time to put that active knowledge to the test, because we’re revealing some secrets from behind the seams… 

Lorna Jane is like a family, and we know that EVERY family has its secrets! But unlike your second cousin once removed and her illegitimate love child, our family secrets are ones we want to share with the world, because in our eyes, they’re what makes our brand so unique.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Lorna Jane… 

Every garment is named after an employee


From Natalie to Kelly, all the styles you know and love have been named after a Lorna Jane Team Member. Seeing your name pop up on a monthly style sheets is as exciting as waking up on Christmas morning! 

Lorna is a REAL person 


And she works in the office every.single.day. So often we get asked if we’ve ever met Lorna… We sure have, in fact, we see her every day! She signs off on every single decision the business makes, she’s one hardworking woman, and our favourite #girlboss 

Our fabric LJ Excel™ is trademarked 


Yes, LJ Excel™ is THAT amazing that it’s trademarked and exclusive to Lorna Jane. You may have heard us harp on about it before, but you might not have known that our high performing, moisture wicking, 4-way stretch fabric is not used by anybody else! 

We release 70-100 new styles every month 


Our designers are busy little worker bees and produce 70-100 new styles every single month to keep us all satisfied and spoilt for choice. With new styles landing in store every single week, there’s always so much to choose from. Because we know women, and women LOVE a good option! 

Every garment has a heart bead sewn into it 


The iconic Heart Bead is sewn into every single garment and is there to show you that there’s love infused into everything we do at Lorna Jane. We all know that food tastes better when it’s made with love, and that’s exactly how we feel about activewear! Lorna’s hope is to infuse love and passion for Active Living into every single garment! It will inspire you to Move Nourish and Believe every day! 


Which one of these secrets surprised you the most?