The Fit Mum Feature: A Mother’s Day Interview With 3 Inspiring Women

FitMum_banner[1]We believe in the power and strength of women, that is why we are dedicating this post to all the mothers of the world; the inspiring mum, the working mum, the active living mum and the mothers-to-be, and all the other mums in between! The women who devote their lives to being a nurturer, teacher, nurse and counsellor… you name it! You can always count on your mum to be there for you, to comfort you through the most trying of times and be there to share in all of your greatest moments. We have interviewed three very different, yet inspiring women and quizzed them on the topics of why being a mum is the most rewarding job in the world, the excitement of preparing to be a mum, and the importance of building positive rituals for children.

Meet Lorna & Her Mum Jean…


MNB: How does your mother inspire you?

With her strength, courage and kindness.

MNB: How did your mother encourage you on your path to building the Lorna Jane brand?

She taught me from an early age to believe in myself, to follow my dreams and to work hard; and that is exactly what I needed in the early days … and I guess even today.

FitMum_quote_07MNB: What kind of healthy habits did your mother instill in you from a young age?

Healthy eating was mandatory in our house and I would have to say that Mum is still “on the money” when it comes to nourishing your body. Mum was also the first in our family to embrace regular fitness and led by example when it came to daily gym visits and aerobic classes.

MNB: The best piece of advice my mum has given me… 

Never live beyond your means.

MNB: What is her signature dish?

Traditional English Trifle.

MNB: If you could sum your mother up in one word it would be…


MNB: Your mum is a…. (Please circle)
  • Nurturing mum
  • Overprotective mum
  • Super mum
  • Working mum
  • Other… One in a million Mum
MNB: My mum is the best ever because….

Even though we didn’t have the best of everything growing up Mum always made sure that we got what we needed and I guess more importantly, what we would benefit most from in the long run. I think she also did an incredible job of mastering the balance of making my sister and I feel safe and nurtured as children whilst at the same time encouraging us to be strong and independent … Love you Mum x

Lorna wears: Amy F/L Tight & Jessie Hoodie
Jean wears: F/L Flashdance pant & Luminate Excel Hoodie 


Meet Valeria Our Glowing Mother-to-be…


MNB: Hi Valeria, Welcome to MNB. Tell us a little bit about yourself? (e.g. name, profession etc.)

Valeria Ramirez – serial multi tasker – currently working as a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, also currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (nutrition) full time.

MNB: So, how far along are you in your pregnancy?

31 weeks.

MNB: Baby blogs or babies books, which do you prefer & what are your faves?

I’m waiting to find time to catch up on baby reading. So far I’ve been loving the apps like the Babycenter, What to Expect, Sprout, Pregnancy and iPregnancy.

MNB: If you could teach your child one thing, what would it be?

Good eating skills and to know what good food is and where it comes from.

MNB: What do you plan on feeding your little muffin?

It will be boobiechinos for as long as possible after that introducing home made whole baby food. I will try to have the baby eat what we are eating. All I can do us my best, you never know what sort of eater we’ll get.

MNB: The best piece of advice your mother has given you…

Listen to your body and do what feels right for you. So many people are happy to dish out opinions and advice which may not be suitable for your situation.

MNB: Being a personal trainer, you must be very active. Are you still moving and sticking to an exercise regime?

Yes! I try to do something everyday. My  intensity has certainly changed – in the last trimester I’m focusing more on supporting my body with walking, Pilates, yoga and gentle weights. If I do something inappropriate, my body tells me about it.


MNB: What are you most excited about being a new mum?

The whole experience is pretty exciting, but I can’t wait to meet our little man and get to know his personality.

MNB: Maternity wear yes/no?

I’d like to say no but as my belly grows it’s certainly more comfortable. I’ve found some stylish pieces at Asos which have worked in nicely into other larger finds. These Flashdance pants I am wearing are pretty comfortable too!

MNB: What kind of mum do you think you will be…
  • Nurturing Mum
  • Protective Mum
  • Super Mum
  • Sporty Mum
  • Other…. Can I say all of the above?
MNB: Tips/advice on ‘how to stay healthy & active throughout pregnancy’?

Don’t fall into the myth of pregnancy cravings. If you’re eating rubbish, you’ll crave more rubbish, get epic heart burn and crave more rubbish after that. Eat whole, organic, real food. Get plenty of rest and move your body. Prioritise health and wellbeing and your body will reward you.

Valeria Wears: Flashdance 3/4 pant, Work Hard Tank, Comfort Sports Bra & Daisy Hoodie

Meet Lori & Her Boys

FitMum_content_02[1]MNB: Hi Lori, Welcome to MNB. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am the mother to two wild boys Justice (2.5) and Noah (1), very freshly engaged to their Dad, Matt and we live by the beach on the Gold Coast. I run a lifestyle blog for young mothers – EIGHT.TEN.TEN – featuring interviews, health, a bit of style and of course our own story.

MNB: What do you love about being a mother?

How you can not help but be drawn into their world and delight in the simple things! Kisses and cuddles!


MNB: What are some rituals you share with your children?

Dancing to RAGE on a Saturday; paddle pop ice cream on the beach after Kindy days; eating (buckwheat) pancakes on rainy days. Group family cuddles before bed!

MNB: What are some nourishing snacks we could find packed in your kid’s lunchbox?

I am not very creative but hard-boiled eggs, sultanas, turkey and cream cheese sandwiches, and recently I have been making sweet potato and beetroot chips. So easy! Lots of nuts and fruit.

MNB: What are some of your family’s ‘can’t live without’ foods?

Coconut oil (for consuming and cosmetic purposes), avocados, eggs, frozen blueberries, bananas, rice milk, tuna, corn thins and of course, coffee and red wine for me!

MNB: How do you choose to move your body and live active?

Bikram yoga, it detoxes and energises my body, mind and soul – it makes me a better person.

MNB: If you could offer advice to future mothers, what would you tell them?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are not meant to be perfect!


Finish these sentences…

If I weren’t a mum, I would be… probably working in Public Relations.

If I could describe my family in one word, it would be… LOVE. heart

Being a mum is… my greatest achievement, now and always.


Describe an ideal day with you and your family.

Pack up the car and head down to Cabarita or Fingal, pick up take-away coffee and a bakery breaky on the way. Set up on the beach for the day with an esky full of coconuts, fruit, hot chicken rolls and avocado and icy cold beers! Build sand castles and explore, swim in the ocean, hopefully the boys have a nap under some shade and I can read a magazine in the sun while Matt surfs – HEAVEN.


FitMum_quote_03Visit her current site here 

Lori wears: Amy F/L Tight, LJ Active Excel Tank, Pammy Sports Bra & Hometown Jacket 

Thank you to all the beautiful mothers who were involved in this shoot, you are all an inspiration to us at LJHQ.