Sporty Sister of the Week: Renae Ayris


This week’s sporty sister is certainly no stranger to the spotlight. After being crowned Miss Australia and 3rd Runner Up at Miss Universe in 2012, Renae Ayris stands for all that warms our souls here at MNB.

As an international model and dancer, she’s experienced the torment of self-doubt when the eyes of the world are upon you. But here’s the good news – this free-spirited golden girl is the perfect person to share her wise words for living a healthy life and listening to yourself above all. Renae has always lived an active life and reaps the benefits of fuelling her body with healthy goodness. Although, it definitely made us happy to learn that this beauty can’t live without a little bit of chocolate here and there!

An advocate for Active Living through and through, we couldn’t resist having a chat with Renae and asking her to share her personal story of fame, success and insecurity with you.

 MNB: Hi there, welcome to our humble MNB! Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your story? 

It’s a 23 year long story, so I will only go back a few years. I started modeling at 16, and worked part-time and modelled when I left school.  At 18 I lived in Sydney, modelling for 6 months and then Germany for 3 months. I have danced since I could walk, so the “performing” part of modelling is what I loved. I was convinced by family and my agent to enter the Miss Universe Australia competition when I was 21. Winning this title has been a wonderful and varied experience, and has taken me so many special places and created the greatest memories. I have done so many things I would never have attempted previously.


MNB: Where are you & what are you doing right now?

At the moment I am in my beautiful home town of Perth. I am just waiting on details for my relocation to Sydney, which is another exciting step for me.

MNB: Have you always been passionate about active living?

I have always been extremely active, during my younger years I would dance 20 hours per week, also being involved in all school sporting activities. I think being active is extremely important. Even if it means just going for a 30 minute walk each day.

MNB: What does a typical day of MNB’ing look like in your world?

I actually enjoy healthy food (not that I am adverse to chocolate every now and then), it makes me feel so much better giving my body healthy fuel. I currently have a gym membership and attend a different class each day. I like to mix my work outs up so I tend to do different kinds of classes, such as- Body Combat, Body Pump, RPM, ABT (focuses on the abdominals, Butt and Thighs), GRIT (High intensity cardio), AQUA (water aerobics). I also love to walk along the beautiful coast line, especially at sunset- so beautiful and rewarding at the same time.  I find mixing it up keeps it exciting smile


MNB: Okay, so if you had to choose…what would be your top 3 ‘can’t live without’ foods of all time!

1. I could not live without vinegar. I put it on just about everything I eat (within reason). If I think something tastes bland ill just add some vinegar to it. Voila!

2. Spinach – I really love spinach at the moment. I add it to salads, stir fries, smoothies and even eat it on its own.

3. I would be lying if I didn’t say chocolate was in my top 3 ‘can’t live without’ foods. I don’t have it very often but I definitely can’t live without it.


MNB: What are some healthy snacks we could find stashed in your handbag?

Always an apple, I love my apples and they are such a great ‘on the go’ snack. Trail mix will usually be a snack I will throw in my handbag. I also always have a protein bar on me in case I need it. Let’s just say I’m not the nicest person to be around when I am feeling hungry, so I always have to be prepared.

MNB:  My everyday workout wear essentials are…
  •  Comfortable sneakers – comfortable being the key word.
  •  A supportive sports bra.
  •  Lorna Jane colourful screw top drink bottle.
  •  Ear phones and some good tunes definitely make workouts more enjoyable.
MNB: I’m my happiest…

When I am feeling fit and healthy, surrounded by people I love.


MNB: The one thing I’m really trying hard to do right now is…

Visualisations. I’m practising everyday to visualise my goals and also working on my goal setting skills. Breaking up what I want to achieve in small, achievable stages rather than getting stuck on one large unachievable goal that then becomes too daunting. Small steps lead to greater things.

MNB: Best advice you have ever been given?

My mum always told me to stay true to myself and not cave under the pressure of what others expect me to be/do/say. I try to live by this, although I am always open to constructive advice. Every day is a learning curve and I find the older and wiser I get the truer this seems. I love the saying ‘live each day as if it’s your last’.

MNB: To unwind after a hard day’s work I like to…

It depends where I am. If I am in my hometown Perth I love to come home and throw some comfortable clothes on and watch a movie with my family. Also coming home to cuddles from my cat Lila is always comforting.


MNB: My biggest beauty indulgence in life is…

I LOVE to get my nails done. It’s so relaxing and the massage you get when you have a pedicure is heaven smile

MNB: I stay true to myself by…

I am me, I will always be me and no one else can define me. I assess and take on board what others have to say, but I won’t change things about myself to fit in and to please others, this is something I have always stuck by. Everyone is unique – that’s what makes us all so special.




Renee is a fresh faced model and dancer with a passion for healthy living. This Australian Beauty took the pageant world by storm, before empowering women to believe in themselves wholeheartedly.

After making peace with her own insecurities, Renae started pursuing her best inner-self. And she hasnt looked back – spending her days travelling on behalf of charities, presenting on television and working towards her personal health and fitness goals.

Wherever this inspiring golden girl roams, she has her sights set on inspiring others (and kicking their lingering self doubts to the curb).


Thanks for taking time out to chat with us Renae. Everything you stand for makes our hearts sing!

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